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The 2016 Farm Journal Yield and Seed Guide
Sponsored by: DEKALB Asgrow

Find out the latest news and information from top farmer experts. Click here to download the eBook.

AgriGold Historic Harvest
Sponsored by: AgriGold

AgriGold’s genetic story continues with another brand milestone! Join us for a live press conference as we make history and highlight our 2016 NCGA Corn Yield Contest Winners.

Mastitis Treatment for the Future
Sponsored by: Boehringer Ingelheim

Learn how to cut down on antibiotic use without sacrificing efficacy.

USDA Report Analysis
Get Pro Farmer’s expert look into the Jan. 12 USDA reports and what it means for prices going forward. Free download.

Optimizing Dairy Efficiency: Economics of Corn Silage
Sponsored by: Mycogen Seeds

Using corn silage in today's dairy economy for the best profitability. Watch if you are interested in improved feed efficiencies and improved milk production.

The Importance of Accurate Grain Moisture Analysis
Sponsored by: Dickey-john

Producers saved time and money by having an accurate moisture tester this last harvest. Maximize your profits going forward.

Your Guide For Setting Up New Employees For Success
Your employees play an important role in your dairy operations. Set up new employees for success with these helpful tips.

Five Factors That Your Strategic Plan Must Include
Long-term strategic planning is complex but often plays a key role in financial success. Find out the key elements that should be included in your plan.

Need Help With Pricing Your Old Equipment?
Get the latest attention-grabbing piece of equipment direct from Machinery Pete sent straight to your phone. Mobile alerts make it easy to know when the best time to sell is.

Veterinary Feed Directive: Prepare, practice, promote
Sponsored by: Zoetis

Answers to important questions regarding the new VFD regulation including practical examples.

3 ways of putting the RIGHT Big Data to work on your farm
Sponsored by: Farmer's Edge

Big Data is changing the business of agriculture. Download this whitepaper for the three ways farmers can put the power of Big Data to use in making more productive farming decisions.