Aug 30, 2014
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$100 Ideas

May 4, 2010

Mower Hitch

When mowing tall grass with a trail-behind mower, I worry about the hitch pin coming loose. After losing several, I fabricated a sliding bar that secures the hitch pin. First, I welded two brackets on top of the hitch. The sliding bar slips through the brackets, and the two holes in the bar allow a clip to lock it in the appropriate position. Now I don't worry about the mower coming loose from the tractor.

Lester Kinzer

Edon, Ohio

Water Tank Shutoff Valve

During spraying season, I cover 1,800 acres twice, which means I need a ready supply of water for the sprayer. Every night I fill two 1,500-gal. tanks to prepare for the next morning. The tanks are plumbed together, and the water level in both tanks is monitored with a 2" Styrofoam float. I used a 3⁄4 ball valve with an extension welded to the lever; the float is tied to the extension. This setup allows me to fill the tanks without worrying about water running over.

Joe Olthafer

Belmont, Wis.

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FEATURED IN: Farm Journal - Late Spring 2010
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