Oct 1, 2014
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More Fun with an Air Hammer

February 16, 2012
By: Dan Anderson, Farm Journal Columnist

Another look at ways to use an air-powered hammer to ease or speed repairs.


The first segment we use an air hammer to remove a hub from a long, keyed shaft. There was no room to get an conventional ball peen hammer behind the hub to drive it off, so the quick, easy solution was to thread a bolt into the end of the shaft to protect it, put a pry bar behind the hub, and buzz an air hammer against the bolt in the end of the shaft to vibrate the hub off.
In retrospect, I should have used a pointed/tapered bit in the air hammer rather than the "hammer" bit in the video. A pointed/tapered bit would have gouged into the bolt's head and not "walked" around as much.
The second segment shows how to use an air hammer with a pointed bit to knock loose a lock collar on a bearing. Air hammers are especially good for removing lock collars on free-turning shafts, where you need one hand to keep the shaft from turning, one hand to hold a punch, and one hand to hold a hammer.
With an air hammer you can hold the shaft with one hand, the air hammer with the other, and the lock collar is knocked loose in less than 10 seconds.
And---always wear eye protection when using an air hammer. Ear protection isn't a bad idea, either.

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