Sep 21, 2014
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17 Misconceptions about Agriculture

November 20, 2013
By: Nate Birt, Top Producer Deputy Managing Editor google + 
wheat with farm land

It might be 2013 (at least for a few more weeks), but there’s no doubt that educating the public about agriculture remains a concern among people in the industry. We reached out to our Facebook audience and asked: "What’s the biggest misconception people have about agriculture?"

Here’s what they said

"That we are all uneducated, slow witted bumpkins. I hate that!" (via Cynthia Dolanski Luttman)

"We abuse animals and do not care about the environment." (via Nick Marco)

"That since we are farmers, we act like animals." (via Clement Edet)

"A couple of the funniest/saddest: Food/clothes/etcetera come from retail/grocery stores and are not products of agriculture (one girl told me her steak was grown in a test-tube), and chocolate milk comes brown cows." (via KC Burt)

"All farmers are rich." (via Chuck Ethridge)

"That farmers are uneducated and aren't business-minded people." (via Kristen Koch Marshall)

"That they can live without us." (via Taryn Green)

"You can still get trichinosis from pork." (via Rhonda Garrison)

"That we pumped them full of antibiotics." (via Deanna Campbell)

"People don't realize that agriculture plays a part in EVERYTHING!" (via Lauren Grigar)

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