Sep 21, 2014
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World Ag Expo Announces 2014 Top 10 New Products

January 3, 2014
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Exhibitors display their winning new products each year at World Ag Expo, considered the world's largest annual agricultural exposition. (Photo: Catherine Merlo)  

The winners will be displayed Feb. 11-13 at the California-based ag show.

Source: World Ag Expo

Results are in for the 2014 Top 10 New Products competition for World Ag Expo. The winners will be displayed Feb. 11-13 during the agricultural exposition, held at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, Calif.  A group of judges made up of farmers, ranchers and industry professionals selected the Top-10 New Products.

  • AgVu by Advanced Reconnaissance Corporation

A new type of color aerial image called AgVu offers farmers the ability to detect crop problems earlier to make timelier, better informed crop management decisions. The map is based on subtle variations in the wavelengths of light reflected by plants during crop development and changes in the field.

"AgVu highlights early indicators of yield, plant health, crop maturity, and areas of the field where the crop is experiencing some type of stress, such as disease, insect pressure, nutrient deficiency, heat or lack of water," says Mark Westfield, CEO of Advanced Reconnaissance Corporation. AgVu is available on a subscription basis for $1-$2 per acre.


Exhibit Space: Building C, 3105-3106, 3205-3206

  • Bandit Xpress by Automated Ag Systems

The three-wheel Bandit Xpress is a self-propelled, self-steering platform where up to four workers can harvest or maintain fruit trees more safely and more productively.

The unit features two adjustable height platforms -one at each end. Workers can harvest the tree from top to bottom in a single pass and collect fruit in bags as they go. A mechanical auto-steering system eliminates the need for a driver for the machine.

"It makes the work much easier and far less tiring so pickers can work longer hours during harvest to get ahead of any weather threats," says J.J. Dagorret, owner, Automated Ag Systems.


Exhibit Space: E22

  • Bin Bot by Mack Robotics, Inc.

Miniature in size but big in performance, the Bin Bot is a unique skid-steering electric robot which handles grain, cleanup and maintenance work inside bins and other confined spaces where it's unsafe and illegal for workers to enter.

"It can work efficiently in some of the most dangerous places for a dust explosion to prevent human injuries and death, particularly in commercial grain facilities and large farm grain handling operations, says farmer-inventor Jerome Mack.

The Bin Bot replaces workers inside bins to move and free clogged and broken power sweeps. It can also dislodge grain stuck to bin walls to prevent grain avalanches and for various bin cleaning and maintenance chores.


Show Space: Pavilion A, 1113

  • CAFOweb

The new online software program CAFOweb enables operators of confined animal feeding operations to protect water quality from nutrient contamination by making real-time, science-based management decisions when applying green water, manure solids and chemical fertilizers to fields.

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