Aug 30, 2014
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Biotech Debate

Jan 08, 2009
Leave wheat alone.  The only ones to benefit from genetically  enhanced wheat are: 1 grain handlers as they charge for volume, 2 the seed company  who owns the trait, 3 equipment company as the combine and truck will wear out faster.  The loser: the wheat farmer, as happened with soybeans and corn, you double the production and cut the price with so much product. 
Ed Larson
Milan, Kansas
Sumner County (nation's top producing wheat county)


Good morning!  I saw you story about moving toward genetically engineered cotton and wheat.  This would be a big mistake. What I seen in the years since the advent of genetically engineered corn is not good. The first warning I saw was when a friend used it for the first time. It was his practice to put his herd of horses out to graze in the cornfield after harvesting. He had done this for many years. The year he used genetically engineered corn, the horses refused to eat it!!! You see, horses are smarter that people.

Also, if you would contact most any vet, you would find that there has been a dramatic increase in the cases of allergies to corn since this new corn has come on the market. I suspect that you probably would see that in people as well, although we do not eat as much corn as goes into dog food.

This is not the direction we should be going! Making money is fine, but not at the expense of our health. No long-term testing has been done on these products. If it had, I believe we would see that these crops are not as safe as the creators would like us to think. Their interest is in making money at any cost!

Sharon Andersen
Custer, S.D.

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The thing about the roundup grains is they put the roundup trait in the new genetics,then drop the old numbers, forcing the farmer to pay the teck fee whether he wants it or not
7:12 PM Jan 8th


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