Aug 20, 2014
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Climate-Change Bill

Jul 08, 2009
WE as life-long farmers are OPPOSED to ANY climate change bill PERIOD !! If enacted will cost jobs, loss of money and will put us at a DISADVANTAGE in the world market !! WE are NOT CONVINCED a climate change bill is NEEDED !!! WE are ALSO OPPOSED to a Government run health care bill !!

Joe Fox Family Lancaster, Ohio

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The data show were getting colder in the last four years, please show me the data that were getting warmer.
12:37 PM Jul 9th
Alan Roebke
Rep. Collin Peterson's Amendment Assured Passage of Climate Change Legislation, that Farmers Oppose!

All last week, Ag Journalists and Farm state press praised House AG Committee Chairman Collin Peterson’s leadership with views printed by DTN’s Chris Clayton. “No other way to say it other than House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson won when it comes to negotiating changes in the climate bill, and agriculture won along with him”

Yet what was not covered, was that Peterson’s amendment praised for protecting Farmers rights. Actually turned out to be the vehicle needed by Rep. Waxman to ultimately assure passage of Cap & Trade by a very small 7 vote margin! While Rep. Joe Barton Texas, said in floor debate, there still is a provission the legislation that trumps everything Chairman Peterson negotiated with Chairman Waxman. Which is not being reported or highlighted, by a Peterson praising Press.

So the close vote actually show’s the following. If Rep. Collin Peterson had just stood his ground our ground, and opposed Cap & Trade Legislation, it would have died in the house last week. So now, because of Peterson politicking with fellow Democrats. The Senate must now focus on Cap & Trade and not, "our ever expanding financial crisis"! Alan Roebke (REB-key) Alexandria Minnesota
9:37 AM Jul 9th


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