Sep 15, 2014
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HSUS Concerns

Jan 21, 2010
I think HSUS should stop masquarading as a 'Humane Society', defender of abused and abandoned puppies and kitties and show their true colors as an anti agriculture group. Unsuspecting people are sucked into their heart rending advertising and then less than 3% of the money is used, the rest goes to professional fund raisers. HSUS does not support any animal shelters as do our local humane societies, instead they focus on ending animal agriculture in the US. I'm happy to see there are questions being raised about their tax exempt status when so much of their money is spent on lobbying efforts.

Julie French ~Meriden, IA
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COMMENTS (14 Comments)

shamne on Public officials who are Supporting bills to pass by NON-TAxpaying special interest NON-profit(with a 200 million annual budget)Economic Terrorist extremist groups,hsus & their militias & are VIOLATING the AETA laws of 2006 sign by GW BUSH, it's Illegal to Interfere,conspire with animal enterprise. And Public offcials are Violating these laws...and human rights laws, the right to economic, social & Cultural rights(cultural gamefowl sports)
2:25 PM Jan 22nd
Has anyone here seen the logo of hsus? It depicts ALL animals... They make no distinction between the suffering of a dog, a dolphin or a pig --- As there should be NO DISTINCTION. Pain is the same for all animals... Yeah, that means "us" too! My problem with hsus is they don't go far enough - They propose welfare reform. I don't want to see bigger cages for animals --- But EMPTY ones!
11:50 PM Jan 21st


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