Aug 23, 2014
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Is Gregg Hunt Crazy???

Jan 29, 2009
The comments of Gregg Hunt on Wed. Jan 27th were shocking. His proposal to significantly raise the Federal gas tax would forestall any chance of economic recovery.
Mr. Hunt threw the Free Market under the bus in favor of socialism. Hundreds of millions of dollars in ethanol subsizes prove the idea is wrong. Witness Vera Suns condition! Man made global warming is a hoax. How far is Mr. Hunt willing to go inorder to save a dying industry?
It was a shameful display of market analysis!
Joe Polunc
Colgone, MN 
Dear AgDay,
The main reason I am writing is to give you my reaction to Greg Hunt's commentary this morning.  Does he understand what a tax increase on fuel would do to the American Farmer? The farmer needs fuel and many times has no choice on the amount of consumption that he needs to produce a crop. I am in favor in being responsible, but we need less government not more. I hope that in your reporting you will give an alternative opinion on how to solve the energy crisis. Thank you and have a great day.
Brian Janssen
Byron, IL

***Editor's Note:  Gregg Hunt will appear on the February 7-8 edition of U.S. Farm Report and will speak to this issue can also watch his analysis on the February 9th edition of AgDay...
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10:28 AM Jan 30th

You are absolutely right about the house loans. The farmers are a different story. When the fuel went up, everything that we do went up. The hauling the milk, the grain, new machinery, repair, vet, electricity, health care, food. Everything that we do went up. Clark Howard said when the fuel first went up that it would not affect the cost of stuff by much. We probably would not even notice it. Boy was he wrong.

10:25 AM Jan 30th


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