Sep 21, 2014
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More Livestock Markets...Please...

Nov 13, 2009
   I am a fan of AgDay and watch it everday, but I have a question. Why is it you all give some much time to grains and hardly any market news on cattle and other livestock?  I am a producer from Kentucky with a cow/calve operation and looking for help. All I have heard all year long was about this crop.  What about livestock producers?  We do not receive checks in the mail like row crop growers.  We do not have price supports like LDPs or crop insurance.  We have to make it on the price and management to stay afloat.  Last year we took a hit, and this year we look like another one is coming.
   We work with UK and KY Beef Network to market source and age cattle.  Since corn prices have gone up in the last four years we have had one major drought, buying $80 roll hay from Oklahoma, feed high price feeds and lose money doing it. Having to watch cattle herds be sold of in the area, because grain farmers paying high rents just to get land. (Some is holding the earth together, and in dry years will be nothing but a insurance check to growers.) I guess what I am saying is give the livestock producers some advice on your show.  After all if we go out of business grains will be worth 1/2 as much.
    I work in the Ag industry and I work with a lot of grain producers.  I feel like the USDA should make it where if they pay supports all producers in all commodities get a check.  We have to remember we have the cheapest and best food of anywhere in the world.  But, if we lose any one of the groups they all are effected negatively.
    I am not venting, I would like for AgDay show more attention to cattle, hog, poultry, and dairy.
Thanks I look forward to more of these items in future shows.
Brock Sargeant
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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

nobody cares about the cattle or hog market. Spend more time on grains
1:09 PM Nov 15th
i run 150 cows in mo ozarks and feel much the same way although we have been blessed with plenty of moisture the last 2 years
2:45 PM Nov 13th


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