Oct 1, 2014
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Soda tax...good or bad??

Jan 28, 2010
Comment #1:

A soda tax is not fair. Why another tax? We don't need any new tax revenue for government to squander.
Soda is not the only reason for obesity.
Thank you.
(native of New York)
San Diego

Comment #2:

I do not approve of a tax on soft drinks. I also disagree with the assumption that it will reduce obesity. Most obesity is caused by ingesting more calories than one expends. Soft drinks are only a small portion of that simple equation. There is serious doubt that the tax will be used to educate people on how to reduce obesity. Why not tax pickles? On hundred percent of people that eat pickles die so that would help reduce the death rate?! The logic is non existent. This appears to be a politically or socially acceptable spin to get approval for increased taxes to meet our growing deficient with no resolution of eliminating the deficient.

Pam Whiston

Comment #3:

I am a producer and I like the direct payments, but we are subsidizing the foods that are most fattening.
I believe the soda tax would be a good start toward the obesity problem.

Comment #4:

I don't feel that taxing soda pop is going to cure the obesity problems that are plaguing our society. If state governments need to generate more income maybe they should consider taxing luxury items such as jewelery, boats, campers etc., things that are not a necessity.

Ken from central Iowa

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COMMENTS (10 Comments)

Like other comments mentioned taxing food products a miniscule little bit wont stop people from eating food. But the money generated would be greatly appreciaated in sectors of ag that are struggling. Farm programs are hated by most. Considered freebie money. Lets just get a fair price for our products off of consumers instead. Farmers still go to the grocery store also, we all would be paying for cost of production increases for food production on the lower end. The upper end doesnt change a whole lot as far as price and profit.
10:27 AM Feb 5th
10:34 Thats a wonderful idea, this is one way producers could finally get prices they deserve and we would finally reach some sort of parity. Reap a bunch of revenue for all of the years producers produced crops at breakeven prices. Backwages you might say. Unconstitutionally low prices you might say. Beef the same way tax it all create a windfall of money so when times are tough in certain sectors of ag we have our own resources to combat. I realize this sounds pro ag but the prices received by all sectors are still so far below parity. Call your senators and reps. Make the right choice.
9:41 AM Jan 30th


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