Sep 17, 2014
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More on Obesity Laws

Feb 11, 2011

***Editor's Note:  We continue to receive reaction to proposed legislation in Minnesota that would shield restaurants and other sectors of the food industry from obesity lawsuits...

#1:   We agree that the resaurants and farmers should be protected from lawsuits associated with obesity.  When will people accept responsibility for their own actions.  No one is forcing people to
 eat such large quanities they eat and then just sit on the couch all day.
Jerry and Shirley Bumb


#2:   I am not a resident of Minnesota, but a resident of North Carolina. I am glad to hear that one law maker has the common sense to see that it is time that people take account for their actions. That it is not the products fault! I can only hope that others will follow his steps and do away with all of these senseless lawsuits that only make lawyers richer. All State Legislatures should introduce this law and should be announced nationally. Tim and Patricia Knight

#3:   The law that requires everyone to be responsible for what and how much they eat can be good and bad. People are basically stupid and are like sheep following the flock, believing any advertising that they see on television. We have heard for years that we need to drink diet pop and that it is not harmful to your health. Latest college study however is that you are 60% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke if you drink three or four diet sodas a day. However we have laws requiring fast food places like McDonalds to list the calories on their food leaves how
much you eat totally up to you, if you eat like a pig, you will get fat. The responsibility for
getting fat is the responsibility of the person eating. We have become a society that wants
someone else to be responsible for all our bad choices.  Anonymous

#4:  I think restaurants, fast food places, farmers, etc. should be protected from lawsuits. But I also think that the food service industry needs to be much better regulated in regards to what’s in the food served to the public. That would include schools, restaurants of any kind, vendors at public events such as fairs, etc.  But...we as individuals also need to take responsibility for
our own health and well-being. A lot of the health problems we have are brought on by our own carelessness.
Thank you,
Karen Dimick,
A farmer’s wife.




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