Sep 23, 2014
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Read the latest crop reports from the fields across America! Also, submit your own comments.

October Crop Comments

Oct 31, 2012

Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying:  


  • 10/31 - Seneca County, Ohio: This has been a horrible year. Drought during the summer. Too much rain in September and October delaying harvest and wheat plantings. And now hurricane Sandy sent us high winds and lots of rain, sleet and snow. Fields are flooded everywhere here. Harvest is going to be a muddy mess from here on. What else can go wrong this year!!!


  • 10/31 - Mercer, Pa.: the yields are above average. we are about 40% done beans and 30% done corn. hurricane Sandy dumped 6 inches of rain It will be at least a week before harvest resumes. Some wind damage on corn and lots of pods opened on beans.


  • 10/31 - Mahoning County, Ohio: We had a record bean yield of 65 bu. Corn yield same as last year – 164bu.


  • 10/31 - Central Iowa:Here is our fall video. Although our corn yields were down we always look forward to our videos. This year we were joined by Iowa's own Jason Brown with a song that he allowed us to help him write. Video courtesy of jdhuitt’s YouTube channel.

  • 10/29 - Rockingham, N.C.: Our beans will yield more bu/ac than corn.


  • 10/29 - Waseca, Minn.: Our crop was a little under average, corn 180 bu./acre, and beans 50 bu./acre. Corn slowed mid-summer and beans fired up early fall. We are happy, easy harvest with no drying, finished early.


  • 10/29 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: Millet yields all over the place. Top mid-20's Bottom 0.2 bu. /acre. More of latter than the better.


  • 10/29 - Box Butte, Neb.: Wind storm in Box Butte County stripped the ears off of Pioneer corn and left stalk standing. What a mess! Yield was under 25 Bu. Trying to rake and use pickup attachment. Other varieties not as bad as Pioneer. What variety is best to avoid this???


  • 10/29 - East central Iowa: Harvest has been a rollercoaster. Yields are all over the place. Hopefully this field will average about 80 bu. per acre. Video courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.
    10 29 12 Iowa

    -- East central Iowa

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  • 10/29 - Northeast Nebraska: Just got done reading the article on 10/26 about corn/bean supplies. I agree that our supplies are tight but it is amazing that we can't figure out why we have had a price decline. Hmmmmm O that's right Wells Fargo is the biggest backer of crop insurance and also is the biggest seller of the board. Good business but it's tough for the farmer that needs the insurance check. Sometimes free trade is tough but it's a great country all the same!


  • 10/29 - Fayette County, Ill.: Bush hogged more corn than we harvested. What we did harvest yielded 38 bu/a corn. Farm located in Fayette County, Ill., with better than average soil type for the area. Rolling ground produced, flat ground had afilotoxin and insurance zeroed it out.
    10 29 12 IL bush hog

    -- Fayette County, Ill.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 10/29 - Latah County, Idaho: Finished seeding soft white wheat on October 21st just in time for inclement weather to arrive the next day.  Looks like the window for seeding may be shut for 2012.  Seeding date is 3 to 5 weeks behind normal due to dry soil conditions.  Please send snow to cover a tender crop this winter!  Hoping to cut a 100 bu/acre crop next August, but a lot of good things need to happen between now and then for this to be the case. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 10/26 - East central Iowa: Corn harvest was stopped once again here. We have been in the fields 4 days since Oct. 12th. 1/4"-3/4" fell Thursday and temps dropped 40F Friday a.m.  compared to Thursday morning. Once again, I’m not complaining, just stating the facts. I heard on the radio Tuesday that corn harvest was 93% done in the state of Iowa. The other 7% must all be here in Dubuque, Jackson and Clinton counties along the Mississippi River. We are still ahead of schedule (believe it or not) and the weather sounds good the next 7 days (hope they are right). Talked to a seed dealer and he and I both think (for what it’s worth) that our final avg. yields will be in the 120-135 bu./acre range. Thankfully aflatoxin hasn’t been a major issue here. Moisture is still ranging from 19-22%. It was kind of hard listening to the dryer last night... couldn’t stop thinking of the increased amount of LP it took to dry last night with temps in the 30’s, but it’s still better than drying corn when it’s 10F like a couple years ago. It could always be worse.


  • 10/26 - Southern Edgar Country, Ill.: Corn 46 aver 146 beans 36 aver 46 wheat 85 aver 61 total 165 aver 247 only plus -- no aflatoxin issues yet. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 10/26 - Decatur County, Kan.: This is in NW Kansas. We are extremely dry. Most of the wheat around here has not emerged and won't until we get some rain or snow. My corn was a disaster 20-25 caught most of it. Lots of corn chopped or swathed and baled. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 10/25 - Lincoln, Neb.: I can't believe no one has mentioned the wind damage from the 70+mph winds on the 17 and 18th. All irrigated corn that was standing in the western Corn Belt lost 25 to 150 bu. :(


  • 10/25 - Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada: Soybean harvest completed Oct 7. Our yield was very good on various soil types 54.5 BU / acre. We also started to harvest some corn, moisture 22% with a yield of 178 dry bu/acre. Have a safe harvest.

  • 10/24 - Queen Anne's County, Md.: Finished corn Sunday with yield average around 80 BPA, up from 35 BPA last year which was a more severe drought than this year. Started combining soybeans today. Yield monitor hit 101 BPA for the first time ever. Mid-august rains really helped bring soybeans along. We are still 8 or so inches below average.


  • 10/24 - Southwest Michigan: Just started cutting soybeans. First two fields averaged mid 40’s, third field is averaging low 60’s. We are three weeks behind on soybeans, due to the wet weather. Corn that we have harvested averaged 170’s dried. Down from our average by 15%, but with the hot and dry weather we had, we count it as a blessing. It will be interesting to find out what the irrigated corn goes in our area. They started watering it when it was only 6 inches high. The ground was already tiled and heavy year around with good sub soil moisture until this year. Personally, I think that farmer needs classes on how to use irrigation, but since I do not use it yet, I will keep my negative comments to myself.  Hope the snow stays away for two more weeks and we can get some sunshine for more than 1-2 hours every 3-4 days.


  • 10/24 - Lyon County, Iowa: Quite good considering the dry weather. Corn came in from 180 to 200 bpa. Early planting and 3/4" rain in mid July saved what could have been a poor year. Beans averaged 61 bpa.


  • 10/24 - Benton County, Mo.: Corn has all been gone in this area for over a month most ran 20-30bu beans have just got a good start in the last 3-5 days green stems, green leaves and pods and up to 70% popped out all on the same plant still coming out at 14-18% moisture. We ran 300 acres so far that made 13-20bu.Worst year I ever seen and hope to ever see again, good luck to all.


  • 10/24 - Seneca County, Ohio: Our soils are so wet and saturated from the persistent rains we are having. We are very close to having as wet of soil conditions as last fall and that was horrible. Wheat planting is not going good. Some wheat is being planted in mud. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 10/23 - Winona County, Minn.: Crops are excellent in our area; a weigh wagon check of my beans ran in the high 70s, with one check at 80.4 bpa! My overall yield on 120 acres was 62 bpa. Corn in the area is running between 180 and 200 bpa.


  • 10/23 - Southeast Indiana: Finished with soybeans, averaged 55 b/a. Still have four days of corn shelling to go and yields are still 40% of normal. Although we've had many days of rain the past two weeks, moisture is only a foot deep based on tile ditching we are doing. God is good!


  • 10/23 - Crittenden County, Ky.: Noted the headline about excellent soybean yields. We had two fields, one we brush hogged to get what little vegetation there was on the ground for erosion prevention, and the other we baled just for the crabgrass. There wasn't even one bean for harvest. I would have loved to have a 20 bpa field.


  • 10/23 - Southern Cavalier County, N.D.: We've had a great recharge of our subsoil moisture in the last month with about 3" of rain and even a dusting of snow. Many guys around here were busy applying fertilizer last week until another rain system shut us down. Up in this country we can usually get to Halloween before field work is done, now some guys are starting to put away their equipment as we're wet and the temperatures aren't warm enough to dry us out anymore. I'm hoping for a nice November to finish up fertilizing.


  • 10/23 - Wyoming County, N.Y.: Not much corn planting or hay mowing going on in western New York. We received around 10" of heavy, wet snow in the last 24 hours.

  • 10/22 - Adams County, Neb.: Finished harvest last week, earliest in many years. Irrigated corn 235 to 280, irrigated beans 60 to 68. We earned every bushel with all of last summer’s endless hours of hard work irrigating.


  • 10/22 - Reno County, Kan.: 50 to 60 mph winds Thursday. The sun didn’t even shine through the thick cloud of dirt in the air all day long. My guess is that many, many acres of wheat are gone. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 10/22 - Jackson County, Iowa: Harvest in my area has become sort of a challenge. Most guys finished beans the week ending Oct 12. Since then, we have only been able to work three days total out of 10. Recieved about 2" of rain (not complaining), but it took six days to get it. There are rain chances every day this week. Corn is 40%-50% done as of Sunday night. The corn I have been in is 20%-24% mt. yet. Plan was to dump 15%-18% corn right in the bin after finishing beans, especially being September and first part of October.  Was warm and dry. A lot of guys are stumped as to why it isn't drying down around here. Yields are 90 on poor ground to 160 on better dirt, with some reports better and worse. I have never combined at 7-8 mph until Saturday afternoon. Does anyone make a class 3.5 combine? Just asking!
    10 22 12 Iowa field
    10 22 12 Iowa monitor

    -- Jackson County, Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 10/22 - Carroll County, Iowa: Last December I predicted a drought in 2012. It began in August of 2011. I say this because I went into the Times-Herald newspaper office in Carroll and boldly predicted cycle facts. About the first of February, Elwynn Taylor, the weather genius in Iowa, and another dude were quoted as saying we would have a dry year. The fella in the newspaper office got ahold of me and did an article in the local newspaper because I was ahead of the genius of prediction fame.

    My facts are simple, in a way. I traded grains off and on since 1979, studying W.D. Gann's trading method. It's cycles. Everything is cycles, most farmers know this as fact. When I studied cycles, the number 7 was nearly always an answer to history's future. The more I studied, the more I learned. There are four quarters in one year, 91 days in each quarter. That is thirteen sevens. Seven days in one week, and just using number 7 will get more answers.

    Here's the theory I used, when the reporter alerted to my studies. Nearly all farmers, old and young, prosperous and unprosperous, earned it the hard way and/or inherited the quarter section and Daddy’s "A" John Deere. Got the land in the darkness of night (as happened in my family) or purchased it up front. (Either way, there's room in a front pew today.) God's number is 7. Seven. The Dust Bowl days began in 1935 -- 77 years ago. So I had a drought all figured out some years ahead of time. However, there are no absolutes. But if farmers were operating today as we did in the 1950s and '60s, corn and beans would have had little or no yield in 2012. But the amazing advancement of genetics, and the herbicides and insecticides, It's something to get down on bended knee and thank God for! To study the God-given talents and apply them is truly amazing!


  • 10/22 - Sahiwal, Pakistan: We grow wheat and corn. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 10/22 - Lenawee County, southeast Michigan: Many crops suffered in our area and across the nation, although using some new products we were introduced to made crops do much better than others. Farms saw increases in yields despite the dry hot climate. In the picture, it shows a side-by-side test with corn. Left is using control and right is control plus new product. Very strong product.
    10 22 12 corn root

    -- Lenawee County, Mich.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 10/22 - Taylor County, Iowa: 100% done corn. Average yield was 79 and bean yields were 41. We have had some rain, but subsoil and ponds and creeks are dry.

  • 10/19 - Southeast Arkansas: Crops in this area have been great. Corn 200+, soybeans 60+. Of course, crops here are just about 100% irrigated. Corn was done by the middle of September and all soybeans left are behind wheat, which is being harvested now. Good luck to you guys in the Midwest. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 10/19 - Monroe County, Ill.: Corn was pretty rough. We averaged about 80 bu. per acre and avoided toxin in our corn. We harvested 937 acres of beans that averaged 80 bu. and some spots the display said 115 bu. per acre. This made for a great bean harvest. We still have 1,000 acres of non-GMO double crop beans to cut and they look impressive and will probably yield somewhere in between 45-70 bu.


  • 10/19 - Fillmore County, Minn.: Finished the corn last night. Had some fields on the poor hilltop fields that went about 130-150. However, the good bottom heavy soils ran up around 190-225. When the dust settles, I think we will be in that 185 +/- range for farm average. I really am stunned with lack of rainfall and the intense summer heat we endured. There is no substitute for good ground. We did finally catch some rain at the end of July and into early August that I am sure helped add kernel size, depth, and test weight. We really were blessed because I know there were many areas that were really poor across the country. Everybody, continue to have a safe harvest.


  • 10/19 - McLeod County, Minn.: Finished corn harvest on Oct. 10, earliest ever. 198 bu. average over 165 acres at 15% moisture. Had one small field (with no drowned outs) that went 212. We planted into dry dirt in April, had monsoons in May and June (17"), and only a couple of inches since. Tillage is turning up big lumps but maybe the rain we are getting yesterday and today will help.


  • 10/19 - Rapides Parish, La.: 85 acres soybeans left to go. Yields on soybeans have been excellent, 50 to 58 bpa. Best soybean crop in 27 years of farming. Corn average 175 bpa on 410 acres. Not best corn crop, but a top five. Be safe! Good luck!
  • 10/19 - Chippewa County, Wis.: Corn and bean harvest done. 45 bu. beans, 160 bu. corn. Great for the lack of rain. Had timely rains but 6.50" below for the year. No top or subsoil moisture left. Rain misses us in the western part of the state, 2" to 4" south and east. DRY DRY DRY!!!


  • 10/19 - Jersey County, Ill.: Corn averaged 100 bpa. Soybeans averaged 55-65 bpa. Corn has fungus. Most everyone hauled corn to elevator because of that. I stored most of mine here on farm. Farm less than 600 acres and farm by myself. I have 50 acres of soybeans left. Raining some.

  • 10/18 - Putnam County, Ind.: Corn and bean harvest about 2/3 done. Corn running 50-60 bu., soybeans about 40. After a dry summer, we can't seem to put more than a couple harvest days together between rains. Good for subsoil moisture but bad to finish harvest. Good luck to all.


  • 10/18 - East central Iowa: We received 1" Friday night through Sunday. Some areas had 2"-3". Beans are all but done around here. Most everybody finished last week. Field averages 25-65 bu./acre. Everyone has kicked corn harvest into high gear. Moisture is running 19%-23% (haven't found the dry corn they are talking about). Combined 80 acres with yields running 125-160 bu./acre (field average). Would have sold the field for 80-110 back in August. We received 2"-3" from July 1-Oct. 1 (almost all of it in August). I am expecting to run into some lower yields when we get to the poorer ground (as we all know). Corn is 30%-40% done. Video courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.

  • 10/17 - Union County, N.C.: Corn was good throughout our area considering the lack of moisture and upper 90° to low 100° heat. The rains came a little late for a bumper corn crop, but still most ran in the 100 to 175 bu. range. The early soybeans are good, but I'm not sure these double cropped beans want be a little better.
    10 18 12 NC soybeans

    -- Union County, N.C.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 10/16 - Onieda, N.Y.: It is slow harvesting corn, nothing but rain for the last few weeks. First couple of fields are at 21% and averaged 175 bu. No soybeans have been combined in this area, simply too much rain.


  • 10/16 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Finished with 2012 harvest today! First year that I can remember that we never had at least one rain delay. Where I live, we have received just a bit over 8" of rain so far this year…normal is around 22". Despite that, our irrigated crops were extremely good, way better than we expected. Dryland yields were lousy, as we expected. I am irrigating my wheat so that it will emerge with the warmer temps that we have been having. Keep safe and pray for rain! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 10/16 - Cayuga County, N.Y.: 320 acres corn done, yield average 165 bu./acre. Going to try some beans tomorrow. We have not done any yet. Now it rains every other day. 6" below normal rainfall for the year, but catching up some so far in September and October.


  • 10/16 - Manitowoc County, Wis.: After a dry start, we had good rains in July and had best average bean yields ever on our farm of 57 bpa on 700 acres. Good start on corn harvest with 175 bpa yields, about 30 bpa above average. Received 4.5" of rain over weekend, first decent rain in six weeks.

  • 10/15 - Henry County, Mo.: Got 1.8" rain yesterday and last night. We ran 100 acres of 4.2 beans planted April 28, they averaged 10 bpa. I guess the government only looks at all the good yields, no wonder the hardest part of farming is marketing.


  • 10/15 - Canyon County, southwest Idaho: We harvested our first corn yesterday with an average of 280 bu./acre, 22.5 moisture, 56.7 test weight. Neighbors are just finishing up, but say their farm average will go about 260 bu./acre. Idaho NASS office says this is the second year that statewide corn acreage is actually higher than potato acreage.  Shows the increased number of feedlots and dairies we have. Got a few showers this morning, but just barely enough to settle some dust. We're currently about 3" behind on moisture, not a lot compared to you fellows in the Midwest, but significant for us. It'll make getting an adequate snowpack this winter all the more critical.


  • 10/15 - Winnebago County, Ill.: On our farm, beans went from 46 to 67. We are almost finished with corn, worst was planted April 14 (80 bu.). Since then, our average corn on corn 150/160, corn on beans 180/190...test weight 58 to 61. Moisture has ranged from 16% to 22%. We have 40 acres left and it’s finally raining.
    10 15 12 IL

    -- Winnebago County, Ill.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 10/15 - Decatur County, Ind.: 75 acre corn field averaged 92 bu. Beans 52 and 59.
  • 10/15 - Benton County, Minn.: Done harvesting corn, average on all planted acres was 122 bpa on 200 acres (includes drowned out acres, I know some neighbors who don't count them). Beans were respectable at about 38 bpa on 180 acres.


  • 10/15 - Shelby County, Ill.: Soybeans above what I thought we would get. On good dark soil, 58 bu. 75 acres. Light soil, 44 bu. 51 acres.

  • 10/12 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Still harvesting, this morning diesel fuel at the local convenience store up 50¢ a gallon to $4.50. Would really like to sit down with the president of Cargill and show him how the hell a grain elevator is to be run. Those people don't have a clue. We bust our butts all year to raise a crop, want to get it out timely, and it's like they don't care. Sorry, it's been one of those days.


  • 10/12 - DeKalb County, Ind.: Corn running from 40s to about 100 bu./acre, not even half a crop. Beans : 30s to mid-40s bu./acre.


  • 10/12 - Lucas County, Iowa: Just finished our beans. Monitor went as high as 72 bu./a on many passes, but the field only averaged 31 bu./a. Weight was 56 lb. and the moisture 8.1. Corn ear husks are normal size but the ear has only 4" of kernels on the cob. Ponds are drying up and no flowing water anywhere. State climatologist says we're 16" short on water and the average winter has approx. 3" of moisture. What does that tell you about next spring's chances? Better hope we can afford the insurance -- if there is any.


  • 10/12 - Northern Poweshiek County, Iowa: We finished combining corn today. Yields ranged from 165 to 210. Soybeans from 45 to 65, depending on black or brown dirt. We averaged about 2.25" of rain in June, July and August, but the rains were very timely. Looking forward to a soaker this weekend!


  • 10/12 - Northeast Nebraska: I am wondering if the 3% to 8% loss most corn suffered from being too dry on the later harvested corn, heard as low as 10% at local elevator, is factored into latest report. My last field of irrigated corn I harvested on Oct. 4 tested 12.2% moisture, it was 112-day corn and had been sprayed with a fungicide, so it would have been wetter in the beginning. I figured I had a 6% reduction in yield at least, maybe more. Irrigated yields were fantastic, 230 to 270 here in NE Nebraska, but a 6% reduction to that means a 13 to 16 bpa decrease? Just saying it will show up down the road depending on the number of acres that were harvested after late September here in Nebraska.  

  • 10/11 - Christian County, Ill.: Corn averaged 163 bu. and beans around 60 bu. Rain from the hurricane really helped beans.


  • 10/11 - Northeast Nebraska: It is amazing how people are "surprised" how good their yields are and then they say 50 to 180 or 25 to 160. Well the average of those numbers is way below what they normally produce and below what the USDA has projected. It doesn't make any difference what we raise if the insurance companies and the USDA need the price low until Nov then I guess we just have to sit back and let the "game" be played. Don't forget this was the worst drought in history, the river, lakes and streams are the lowest anyone has ever seen! Good luck for next year everyone.


  • 10/11 - Saunders County, Neb.: Corn 77 bpa and beans 32, average for all local acres. One bean field quite a ways away and on poorer soil and less rain 15 bpa. Soil moisture conditions are very poor and outlook is not promising.


  • 10/11 - Wayne County, Neb.: I’m in northeast Nebraska. My dryland corn averaged 220 and dryland beans made 55. I don’t know what they are talking about ...there is no drought.


  • 10/11 - Marshall, Minn.: Finished corn Sept. 27. It was 17% moisture. Corn ran at 157 bu on summerfallow, soybeans at 35 bu. Spring wheat at 60 bu. We received about 12" snow last Thursday, close to 2" moisture. We barely had 1" since 4th of July. There was hardly any field work done till now. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 10/11 - Goodhue County, Minn.: Very dry August and September hurt the beans more than we feared. Ended up at 44 bpa of little tiny beans; one more decent rain would make made a huge difference (of course we can all say that!).

  • 10/10 - Southwest Michigan: Still waiting on beans to mature. Last freeze (27°) on Monday should help. Started running hail damaged corn. Moisture at 16%, yield made 68 b/a. Ran a few rounds in the better looking corn and the yields improved. Hard to get a feel what it will yield when the monitor shows 35-195 in the same pass through the field. Beans may be the moneymaker this year.


  • 10/10 - Jackson County, Iowa: Beans 70%-80% done and corn only 15%-25% done (my best guess). As we all probably know, this year's yields vary greatly. Beans 25-65 bu./acre and corn 50-180 (field avg.). From what I've heard and seen, depth of the dirt and previous fertilization history is making a huge difference this year (along with moisture) in the bean crop. Received about 1/10" Tuesday (first rain in over 5-6 weeks) and there is talk of severe storms this weekend. We can only hope it doesn't blow the corn down. That would be like putting the icing on the cake for this year.


  • 10/10 - Henry County, Ohio: Finally ran first field of beans today. Worth the wait. 72 bu/ac. Sure beats the 25 bu/ac that were taken off three weeks ago by the neighbors.
  • 10/10 - Shelby County, Ohio: It’s going to be a late fall, the weather is acting. Very few crops off with all the wet weather. Just keep getting rain every few days. Still have corn silage to put in. Wheat crops are off, corn 25-180 bu., soybeans 38-71 bu. Got the crops, just got to them. Wheat sowing could be far and in between. Best of luck and safe harvest. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 10/10 - Putnam County, Ohio: 200 acres of corn ranged from 125-160. On 80 acres of beans, we averaged 68. Corn a little better than I thought. Beans have looked really good since late August.

  • 10/9 - Putnam County, Ohio: Trying to run beans in between rains. So far have been running in the low 60s. Have not started corn on our farm yet, but hearing a lot of 90-100 bu. yields.


  • 10/9 - West central Wisconsin: Just finished soybeans, monitor went from 18 to 78 bu. per acre, averaged 41.8. I farmed all my life now at age 56, but have traveled in the last 40 days from Wisconsin through western Iowa into Nebraska and across to Colorado and have to say I am worried. The experts say we can supply our crop needs and we can rely on other countries stepping up, point being is we are the crop producing country and I wonder if any of you have noticed the moisture deficit? Question? Our area is very low on submoisture and so are other areas of the Midwest; what if we don't replenish this moisture? Then what are your predictions for this huge crop we have estimated for next year?


  • 10/9 - Reno County, Kan.: Can’t get a break here. Saturday nights early freeze NAILED ALL THE DOUBLE CROP BEANS AND MILO. Any milo that looked good at all was still very green -- most still blooming. It shouldn’t make anything. The early planted beans I'm guessing will make from 2 to 10 bpa. I do have to agree with some of the comments I’ve read the last two weeks about a lot of the guys up north bragging up big yield numbers right here in the time that they are setting our crop insurance price is really killing the market price thus the insurance price also. Not helping us guys with the worst yields ever. Everyone have a safe harvest. We will be starting here soon.


  • 10/9 - Trempealeau County, Wis.: Took off the corn on the bottoms, field average ran 215-245 bu/a @ 21%, test weight 57-58 lb. Looking at the hills, probably will run 160-180 bu/a, moisture is under 17%, hope to get into them today or tomorrow, not in a huge hurry with no rain in the forecast.  Finished beans a couple days ago, average 54 bu/a, some places hit 70+, others were under 20. Overall harvest on the heavier soils is as good or better than last year, on the lighter soils without irrigation yield is well under 100 bu. At this point I would take a nice long rain even if it delayed harvest. I can’t remember when we were even starting soybeans this early, let alone being done and having a nice start on corn. Hope everyone is having a safe harvest.   

  • 10/8 - Lincoln County, S.D.: My bean yields on 202 acres was 22 bu. per acre. Corn, on 179 acres, was 46 bu. per acre. Ten inches of rain in April and May, just 2 inches of rain rest of growing season. Glad this harvest if over. Been farming for 32 years, this is my first insurance check. Hope never to need one again.


  • 10/8 - Estill County, Ky.: Started corn harvest Saturday. Yields even better than I thought. 245 bushels an acre with a test weight of 61.7.


  • 10/8 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Harvest progressing rapidly, we will be virtually done by next weekend. Despite only 3 tenths of rain since the 23rd of June, yields on irrigated crops are stellar. However, dryland yields are almost nonexistent. My irrigated wheat (planted after soybeans) is planted, and I am waiting for the temp to warm back up so that I can water it up, as there is very little residual moisture to aid germination. Pastures are dismal, and with no relief in sight, having grazing for next year is going to be a dicey proposition. Good luck to all! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 10/8 - Trumbull County, Ohio: We live in a lake-effect area of the state that is paying big dividends. Soybeans are yielding 50 - 65 bu and corn is 160 - 190. Normal would be 50 bu and 180 bu. The 50 bu areas in the corn were offset by the 250 bu areas. Soybeans had no disease and rain in Aug.


  • 10/8 - Carroll County, Iowa: Finished harvest. Corn 75 average and beans 33. Lots of green stems and leaves on beans but down to 8% moisture. Glad its over and pray we get moisture for next year. We are going to need it because everything is dry as a bone around here. Good luck to all and stay safe.


  • 10/8 - Jasper County, Ill.: Done with corn - 9 bu per acre on 350 acres. I started beans –55 bu per acre on first 40 acres.


  • 10/8 - Clay County, Ark.: Hard to believe the crop this year. Long hot drought June thru Aug. Corn average above 200. Rice in the higher end of average 170-205 bu per acre, now soybeans running 65 to 80 in first 300 acres cut, all irrigated. God has blessed.


  • 10/8 - Marquette County, Wis.: About half done with corn. Yields are poor 45 to 90 bushels catches it all. Shanks are weak. No need to trade grain carts or combines this year due to lack of crop. Can’t wait till 2013 is here.


  • 10/8 - Northern Hendricks County, Ind.: 2012 continues to be a challenge. We have had rain after rain this fall so far. Have had over a half an inch today (10/5/12) and it is still raining. Went to shell corn on some no-till ground on Wednesday and had to put the combine in 4 wheel drive to pull thru one spot. Got a huge hail storm on Sept. 21st. Some bean fields 60+% damage. Some area bean fields were a total loss. Have only cut 20% of our beans. Yield on those acres were 45 bpa. Two-thirds done with corn and yielding 95 bpa. Grateful for insurance. God is good all the time!!!

  • 10/5 - Montgomery County, Mo.: Bean silage harvest got under way about a week ago. Beans popping out, stems green, lots of green leaves. Yields are from 8 to mid-20s. I think the government needs to do the math the old way to get the real average yields. Total bushels divided by total acres, same math works on corn average also.


  • 10/5 - Antelope County, Neb.: All done with harvest, fastest ever. Dryland corn, 85 bu., irrigated 235. For the beans, dryland 25, irrigated 60. Very happy with the yields considering how dry it was.


  • 10/5 - Northern Stutsman County, N.D.: Received 6"-8" of snow last night and 30-40 mph wind. We were out of power most of the night and part of this morning. Reports of 26 high line poles snapped off in local area. It totaled 1.1" of moisture that was much needed. Took the kids for a snowmobile ride this evening, hopefully they won't see that too many times in their lives on Oct. 4.


  • 10/5 - East central Iowa: Beans are 50%-60% done, corn 15% done. We received a few sprinkles yesterday (halted combining for two hours). It did, along with the clouds, put on 2.5% moisture (some as low as 8% prior to yesterday). I have never seen beans popping out of their pods until yesterday. Two different brands and one had pods that were twisted up with the beans on the ground. Pods that still had beans in them had cracks on them just that you could see the bean in them. Yields in my area range from 25-60 bu. field averages.
    10 5 12 Iowa beans 3
    10 5 12 Iowa beans 2
    10 5 12 Iowa beans

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 10/4 - Central Wisconsin: Corn is poor. Yields from 0 to 60 bu./acre. Five-year farm average: 162. Am surprised that some farmers are talking about their big yields on AgWeb. Nope, not really. As my Dad who farmed for 52 years said, some farmers cry all spring and summer and brag all fall and winter!


  • 10/4 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Done with crops. Beans went 35 and corn 132. Very little left to combine in area.


  • 10/4 - Henry County, Ohio: Over a half inch of rain on Oct. 2 brought harvest to a stop. Lots of soybeans still standing somewhere, around 80% left. Maybe 5% of corn harvested, if that.


  • 10/4 - Woodbury County, Iowa: Central part of the county corn production 140–180 bpa.  Soybeans in the same area are going 35–65 bpa. Very nice surprise considering how dry it has been all summer, with no subsoil moisture. The western and northwestern part of the county is a different story, with corn yields 0-60 and beans 5-35 bpa.

  • 10/3 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: Wheat emergence is spotty. No moisture to germinate the seed. Northern parts of the county are probably better, they've had some rain. Some wheat that emerged died due to lack of moisture. Corn harvest is under way. Haven’t heard any yield reports, but from the roads quite a few barren stalks. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 10/3 - Northern Stearns County, Minn.: Only 2" of rain from mid-June until now and still had 175 bu. corn and 50 bu. soybeans. Excellent test weight on both. Say what you want to say about Monsanto genetics and their high-priced seed, but it pays off in these challenging years.


  • 10/3 - East central Iowa: The Bright Side of Lower Yields:
    1.  Do not have to unload grain tank as often.
    2.  Do not have to wonder where the truck is, because combine and cart never get full.
    3.  I can combine beans at 6 mph instead of 4 mph.
    4.  Just add up all of the fuel savings!
    5.  Don't have to worry about marketing something you don't have.

    Gotta love it or we wouldn't do it! Everyone have a safe harvest. This field did great, 52 bu. over the scales. Next field just made 30 bu. (looked like they would make 45-50).


  • 10/3 - Northeast Nebraska: Done harvesting in September, normally don't start till October and yields, to say the least, stink! Less than half of normal, but I am not worried because like my government I am going to check my bins a couple of months from now and I bet I will find...more corn and beans than I thought I had! Wish I could change my figures this year, glad it's almost over!


  • 10/3 - Ogle County, Ill.: About half done with corn, running 40-80 bpa farm average. Still no rain and bone dry.


  • 10/3 - Iowa: Thanks to tough growing conditions, yields in Iowa have been lower than normal, but farmers are still pleasantly surprised. Watch more reports from AgDay's I-80 Harvest Tour.

  • 10/2 - Green County, Wis.: So far, 54 bu. yield on the first 200 acres of corn, with 60 lb. test weight.


  • 10/2 - Goodhue County, Minn.: Soybeans have been exceptional! Several reports of 60 bu. plus. My farm was 69 bu. over 175 acres. I have never had whole farm average over 60. Corn is 180-240. Had very timely rains. Too bad we couldn’t have shared the 12" we had the last week of June...


  • 10/2 - Coles County, Ill.: Started soybeans last week and it’s going to be a real headache. Green leaves, green stems and dry pods popping out the beans. Sunday the beans really lost yields, with the ground littered with soybeans that popped. Yields dropped off close to 10 bu./acre from the day before. 


  • 10/2 - Richland County, Ill.: From May 5 to Sept. 1, had 2.42" in 20 rains. September total 11.42". Now we're waiting for DRY WEATHER to cut beans. What corn we've drove through made 6.2 bpa. Early beans made 8 to 12 bpa. Later beans will yield more. I guess 80+% of beans are yet to be cut in five-county area I've been in last few days.


  • 10/2 - Lyon County, Iowa: Harvested corn first this year. Average 161.55 at 15%. No rain mid-June to end of August. Soybeans avg. 50.35 at 7%. Finished harvest Sept. 30, earliest ever. No-till saved moisture and good subsoil levels helped. Total rainfall since Jan. 1 only about 7".


  • 10/2 - Yankton County, S.D.: Finished corn three weeks ago. Cut half our acres for silage. Silage acres were appraised at 0 to 0.9 bu. Harvested acres went from 11 to 39. Last three-year average was over 170. Beans are done, average was 8. We had 1" total rain since the end of May. Pastures have been brown since end of June. Looks very scary for 2013, but we keep the faith and continue to pray for rain.

  • 10/1 - Stearns County, Minn.: Possibly one of my best years ever, with nearly 200 bu. per acre corn average and 54 bu. soybean average. No-till really paid off this year when it got dry...


  • 10/1 - Polk County, Iowa: 90% of corn and beans have been harvested in central Iowa. Fall fertilizer app and tillage well under way. Soil is unbelievably dry, no moisture whatsoever! Normally flowing creeks have been dry for months. Reservoirs and ponds are dry or very low. The Des Moines and Raccoon rivers are down to a trickle. If this fall's sparse rains continue to go north of Iowa into Minnesota and south through Missouri, we will be in deep trouble come spring. Even drought-tolerant seed won't help.


  • 10/1 - Butler County, Iowa: Yields can go from 0 to 150 bu. on corn in 100 feet depending on soil type, and beans go from 8 to 40 in a similar way. Corn will be about 2/3 normal and soybeans about 1/2 normal. We are getting about as expected on corn and less than expected on beans.


  • 10/1 - Pipestone County, Minn.: We finished beans on Friday. They went 50, 53, 55, 38 and 41, with an average of 46.5. The later beans were the poorer ones because they ended up running out of water. Started corn on Saturday. The first field looks like it will be around 160 at 13% moisture and 60-62 lb. test weight.


  • 10/1 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: First field of beans 29 bu., 2.6 maturity and 9.2 for moisture. 54 proven yield.


  • 10/1 - Lincoln County, S.D.: Corn and bean harvest is about done in this area. I wonder why?
    10 1 12 monitor

    -- Lincoln County, S.D.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 10/1 - Barron County, Wis.: Yields have been a pleasant surprise. Corn harvested in the area to date has been in the 130-190 range with an occasional 200-plus on good soils. Soybeans are variable but most are in the 38-45 bu. range. Moistures are incredibly dry for both crops with beans running well below 10% and most corn is in the teens to low 20s. Standability of some corn appears to be really marginal. I wouldn't leave anything unharvested this year through the winter.


  • 10/1 - Williams County, Ohio: We started our fall harvest, ran 150 acre beans, 25-30 bu. average, which is 60% of norm.


  • 10/1 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Finished an irrigated quarter section this morning, it makes 230 bu. per acre. Combined 335 acres of dryland corn and it makes 12 bu. per acre. There isn’t enough good corn in Nebraska to offset the major losses in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. When are all you people in the grain trade going to figure out the government has just been fudging the books because they don’t want the headlines of the newspapers to read "Food Crisis in America"?


  • 10/1 - Logan and Menard counties, Illinois: I quickly show how yield maps are made in a combine. This is done while driving said combine harvesting corn. Video courtesy of


  • 10/1 - Polk County, Iowa: Finished 240 acres of central Iowa beans on Sept. 28. Ten-year APH was 47. This year’s yield: 36, a 24% drop! I was surprised considering that the beans were 4 to 5 feet tall and full of pods. But moisture was 7% and lots of open pods ahead of the reel. I can't see how we'll hit USDA's numbers. I doubt we'll know the true production numbers until we have none to sell.


  • 10/1 - Sibley County, Minn.: Combined two fields of beans this week, 100 acres 58 bpa, 40 acres with 35% hail damage and 44 bpa. Yields were better than expected, moisture down to 8% range.


  • 10/1 - Butler County, Neb.: Harvest is wrapping up here, most guys done or just about done. The 500,000-bu. soybean bin at the co-op only has about 130,000 in it. We have filled it pretty much every year but this year. I know all the traders I hear are saying beans are better, but we don’t see it here. Corn around here was 0 to about 90. Beans were 0 to maybe mid 30s.


  • 10/1 - Southern Dakota County, Minn.: Beans went 66 bu. -– best ever. Corn on corn 165, better than expected on marginal ground.


  • 10/1 - Hamilton County, Ill.: I’ve harvested 1,750 acres of corn. Yield: 7 bu/a.

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