Oct 1, 2014
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Viewers Speak: GMO's, Subsidies, and YouTube Favorites

Apr 23, 2013

***The following comments were received following the April 20-21, 2013 edition of U.S. Farm Report…

#1:  I saw the program in the last 2 weeks where John Phipps address concerns of GMO corn and explained that this not the first time he has addressed these concerns.  I know that farming is a life for Mr. Phipps, but it is only time that enough info will surface to the public about the dangers of the GMO crops and also the fact that many countries will not buy our export grain crops.  I provide another story in this link:  http://rt.com/usa/toxic-study-gmo-corn-900/.  I have eliminated just about all GMO products from diet and have not only lost weight, but I feel better than I have in years.   Wayne

#2:   Hello, I watch your channel (rfdtv) from time to time and find it very interesting. I am a biologist, environmental engineer, farmer, problem solver, vegan and animal rights activist. I also grew up in a small farming community. I choose a vegan lifestyle because i am very concerned about animal welfare, the environmental impacts of animal agriculture and see the numerous benefits of a plant based diet and wish to stay as healthy as possible. I am not writing or would never in any way insinuate that all farmers are abuse animals or are destroying the environment. I know many people are choosing a plant based diet for the reasons given above and would like to offer some comments from that perspective. I feel that we are in a very tough situation currently but one, that if handled correctly, could be very helpful and change the course of history. I see the new ag gag legislation as something that has to happen so that farmers and animal rights activists can come together and find a solution (more open communication, the elimination of any animal abuse, and industry wide repercussions if it is identified). I also see a huge market for vegan products and faux meats for people that choose to not eat animals for ethical or other reasons. I believe this is a good industry (vegan products) for the farmers of America to look into and possibly start to capitalize on. In fact, Bill Gates recently came out and said that vegan meats and other non-animal based products are the way of the future. They can be more nutritious, easier on the environment and we can possibly feed the growing population of the world with less if we can find ways to more efficiently and compassionately grow food products. Please read this article for further evidence as to why conversion to a more plant based diet will be so crucial for the future:
Thank you so much for your time.  Sarah Eastin

#3:   John, your comments about crop insurance reflect the attitude of someone who never experienced $2.00 corn during back-to-back droughts without crop insurance.  Fred Lundgren - Katy Texas

#4:   In response to your reply about farm subsidies last week, I don't really believe that "we own congress", that's a designation I reserve for banks, insurance, and oil companies.  I think that the farm subsidy issue will never go away as it is the only means the government has to force farmers to report everything we have and do in order to control farm commodity prices. The USDA is constantly coming out with some kind of farm commodity report that everyone knows are bald-faced lies, but still the brokers trade on the lies--usually downward in price. The second reason and in answer to Dan's question is farmers are the only businesses in this country who cannot set our own products prices, we can't figure our production cost and then double the price of our product as other businesses do, which alludes back to reason one==USDA CONTROL.  I personally would love to see the USDA disbanded and return to a real, fair market for all. Our country has long held a "cheap food" policy. Sure, we're bringing in many more dollars than ever before, but look at our expenses. We are handling more money which throws us into a higher tax bracket with far less purchasing power.
    To your "weatherman":  How can just a couple of decent rains improve our exceptional drought status so drastically?  We have not had "normal precipitation" since July 2011. The yearly total for 2011 may look normal but the moisture was all in the first half of the year, and most of our subsoil moisture was depleted before the 2012 drought hit.  It will take way more than a few good rains to replenish our subsoil moisture. We will need timely rains all through our growing season to get a reasonable crop this year.
Ivan Salmons - Pilger NE

#5:  John, I was deeply moved by your points made about what needs to be done for agriculture and the people of Africa.  Indeed, I dare say a team of 'doctors of sociology' should take up your well thought out points and create a blueprint to implement for all countries on every continent including the United States.  So often, Africa is described as the "Third World", and through the centuries, many attempts have been made to colonize and bring 'civilization' to the continent.  To explain: With the upheaval of subsistence farmers by the millions to the cities in China and the contrast of the United States of millions of people being displaced out of the workforce and with millions of people migrating from Africa, the Middle East, and Mexico and other countries all over the world to Europe and the Americas, it seems the whole world has 'Third World' problems.  The points you make about your trip to Africa would be a great start to truly bring 'civilization' to a world that is sorely needed everywhere.   Humankind became 'civilized' when agriculture was learned.
Very truly yours,
Steve Wisniewski

#6:  Paul Harvey’s Super Bowl ad was great, But did anyone see the Liberal Parody of it posted since then?  Much better…..........but GOD should have stopped with the farmer..........
God Bless the Farmers.  And here it is for those few, that have not heard it, Paul Harvey’s Super Bowl ad, SO GOD MADE A FARMER,

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