Sep 30, 2014
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RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Or Said Another Way: It's Not the Beef

Feb 28, 2013

Or said another way: It's not the beef
The New York Times very-concerned friend, Ken Bittman, this morning reports that  it's the sugar making us fat.

No kiddin'.

Too bad Carol Tucker Foreman hadn't seen that before she and USDA gave us the ominiscent Dietary Guidelines that blamed it on red meat consumption.

Horsemeat in U.S. beef? No, no, no and no.
If you’re worried about finding dead horse in your hamburger, spend another New York Times chit on the story about "common" questions asked by U.S. consumers who share your concern.

We’re not sure how common the questions really are, but the answers seem to be no, no, no and no. So you might save your chit for later.

RAM’s farmer ad makes the TED cut
All us farmer types were pretty impressed with the Ram truck/Paul Harvey super bowl ad during the super bowl.

It seems that it wasn’t just us. Note that it also made the decidedly un-ag TED list of top 10 ads that deserve to go viral. The other nine are fun to watch, as well.

Finding a really, really good steak
Not long ago, when your reporter was in charge of assignments, he was assigned to do a series on great steakhouses and what they do to guarantee every steak will be worth the outlandish prices they charge. So, I, and my expense account, tried several of the places suggested in this Travel and Leisure article.

The T&L reviewer puts more emphasis on sauces, ambience and sides than do I—a really good steak leaves no room for side orders and sauces are for French people—but I’d agree with her on those I visited. They all make a good steak. The secrets to a great steak, I decided after all those visits, are aging (there is nothing better than dry-aged, prime beef) and really hot cooking temperatures. However, I have to say that in all my days of eating steak, I never found a place to equal Peter Lugar’s, and steak there also involves a quite princely sum of butter.

Self-grading Obama’s efforts on trade
We’re not sure the Obama Administration has been all that attentive to or effective on the trade front, but his outgoing trade czar thinks they’re tried hard.

Good quote:  "Critics accuse the Obama administration of allowing talks to stall, but Kirk rejected that saying, ‘We have worked ridiculously hard to advance this. These are very complex, detailed negotiations that cover all aspects of business to agriculture and trade, manufactured goods.’"

Somestuff you probably don’t need to read

--Steve Cornett



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