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  • 2/22/2018 Rock County, MN: Being a competitor in the world exports markets is good for the nation, but it must be our products not our cash flow. Seed, chemicals, fertilizer, and fuel, and huge negative grain basis and rationing grocery store prices are the reason the farmers are not making ends meet and makes for a bad economy and rural ghost towns. China owns the seed company and the hog packing plant, the elevator owns the hogs. negative -80 cent basis on soybeans makes for cheap hog feed.

  • 2/21/2018 Barron County, WI: This is the second year in a row with very minimal snowfall so we are going to need another wet summer to keep the crops growing. Many farmers rail against any form of supply management, however the truth is that without practicing the discipline of supply and demand individually we become less independent and more dependent on government, leaders, and processors.

  • 2/20/2018 Glacier County, MT: we haven't been above 35 degrees since a week before thanksgiving. We now have about 2 1/2 feet of snow on the level. I realize it is early yet, but it looks like a fairly late seeding with potholes everywhere. I read about the financial woes of everyone, and the high rents, but it more because of equipment, fertilizers, chemical and seed costs. We made that monster with all the lack of competition.The high cost of hybrid seeds to raise more crop to lower the price more , so we need more crop to pay the bills, so we need the newest high yielding hybrid (GMO) corn that china won't buy. We mad the monster, so we need to neuter that monster.

  • 2/16/2018 Greene County, IL: We removed a fence for a neighbor. They burnt it during a light rain. We dug a hole to get rid of trash and stumps 15 feet deep and ground was dry all the way down. We haven't been able to build any dams this fall as the ground is like powder.

  • 2/14/2018 Blue Earth County, MN: Valentines Day 40 degrees out but still 6 inches of snow. frost is 1 to 3 feet deep . Last year riding Harley Davison 18 to 22 60 s and 70 s out soil no frost and dry . means spring later and colder for us smaller yield. Basis is narrowed up so markets a little better witch helps. Cost of repair parts is terrible I guess companies aren t selling new so stick it to us on the parts to make a profit

  • 2/9/2018 Cavalier County, ND: Having cold winter compared to past few winters and had lots of wind. Slowing of moving crops to the market. The 64 dollar question is what to grow with these commodity prices for the coming year. Very little profit for crops we grow and we need to grow very good crop to break even. If we turn a profit will depend on what we receive for government payments from plc or arc from government program. So far seeing no drop in land costs, and in fertilizer prices if anything could see increases if oil continues increase in costs. I thought we see some strengthening in markets with fall in dollar but so far here very little net change in final price since last fall.

  • 2/7/2018 Tippecanoe County, IN: Queens Annes County, I think the market is telling us that we shouldn't be increasing production.

  • 2/5/2018 Spink County, SD: Lots of farms around here are renting out there corn stalks for grazing beef cattle this winter. Getting a little extra income plus help with breaking down residue a win win for both parties.

  • 2/5/2018 Lincoln County, TN: My two year old German Shepherd in front of our bean field with a beautiful view!

  • 2/5/2018 Queen Annes County, MD: If you want me to increase food production and feed the world, you have[the market] to pay me a price so I can survive the inflation and huge input costs increases. I've heard this for over 50 years Same old montra. Right now markets are the same as 1974. Go check what a John Deere tractor or combine costs TODAY! SEED CORN, Pick ups.

  • 2/3/2018 Marshall County, IL: This winter reminds me of 2012, no subsoil moisture. We did well last year because of good subsoil moisture. Argentina doesn’t have moisture below to bail them out. Their crop is going to be bad unless they start getting more normal rainfall. There’s still time for us to recharge but the situation could turn interesting.

  • 2/2/2018 Chemung County, NY: dairy farm financial stress is very high here too. some farmers are selling out

  • 2/1/2018 Door County, WI: Biggest dairy in this area just went through foreclosure, 2nd one in financial stress due to lack of credit for inputs. Hardly any snow cover here.

  • 1/26/2018 Cheyenne County, NE: KE H 18 jabbed thru the 4.43 resistance and closed on it. Basis down to 0.78 under. Cash at the local elevator $3.65. Improved basis plus new crop questions equals higher prices. can we get back to$4.25 local at harvest in july?

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