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  • 1/12/2017 Rock County, MN: Crops are average again this year. I am wondering when a bad year will show up. It may be the only way I can make a profit. I agree that the extreme negative grain basis is a license to steal, also the price of seed, chemicals, and fuel. Are we writing letters to leaders to get this limited? I have wrote a couple in past years and I hope all farmers do. Also to limit the markup of farm produce in grocery stores would help a lot.

  • 1/10/2017 Tuscola County, MI: Been farming since 1977

  • 1/5/2017 Wilkin County, MN: Best soybeans crop we had ever.

  • 1/4/2017 Coles County, IL: local elevator crop prices 2/27/2008 $5.07 corn, $ 14.10 soybeans. 12/19/2008 $3.54 corn, $8.48 soybeans. 12/28/2009 $3.82 corn, $10.16 soybeans. 12/20/2010 $5.84 corn, $13.01 soybeans. 12/22/2011 $6.13 corn, $11.45 soybeans. 12/28/2012 $7.05 corn, $14.36 soybeans. 1/19/2014 $4.16 corn, $12.75 soybeans. 12/22/2014 $3.89 corn, $10.24 soybeans. 12/21/2015 $3.71 corn, $8.74 soybeans. 12/30/2016 $3.38 corn $9.74 soybeans. Where is the $4.25 corn that the marketing advisors kept saying we would see in Dec.?

  • 12/30/2016 Richland County, ND: Still chipping out from the Christmas ice storm. Side roads are in terrible shape. Some guys have gone to using disks and vertical tillage implements to break up the inch of ice. Winter wheat could be in big trouble. My niece is traveling across Argentina as a translator and related to me that the big concern for the farmers in that country is they are not able to get the crop in the ground. Lots of acres still not planted. Topsoil is very dry but lots of water standing in other areas.

  • 12/29/2016 Lincoln County, WI: High yield year for us here in central WIsconsin. Still have 80 acres of soybeans out there buried in the snow but everything else was harvested in a timely manner. Photo of ground corn packing in a bunker.

  • 12/28/2016 Trempealeau County, WI: I am ready to close 2016 out and still in aw, meaning that if I would of listened to everything I read here in the blogs I would have given up all hope. Reason being early in the year we were told beans were headed to $7 or even $6 , and $2.00 to 2.50 corn because of possible record yields. well now my concern is since we have produced record crops beyond estimates and surprisingly the prices are holding well. my thought is what would happen if 2017 only brings trend line yields or below, commentators always compare to the past, don't they realize the world population is growing rapidly and peoples demands and needs have changed ( let's use facts from the present , not the past, please) and any disruption in a growing year could cause dramatic shortages, they always predict one year out, what if we had 3 poor years, supply would disappear, unless all the phony paper contracts that we let commodity brokers use against us to change the market would turn into a for real product, they control us and the world market, yet most wouldn't know corn from soybeans. I believe we need to some how put control on this, and my next gripe and I won't dwell on it is basis, a license to steal, I understand some basis is needed to protect elevators, but let's get real, 90 cents and more ??? I will stop here. Thanks for reading.

  • 12/28/2016 Mclennan County, TX: 2017 here we come. Cultivating weeds out and our phosphorus and potash in for next year on cotton ground. Good moisture sunny and 63 degrees, should be good for the wheat.

  • 12/21/2016 Lorain County, OH: Farming is a blessing! Fall harvest October 2016 in North central Ohio.

  • 12/21/2016 Peoria County, IL: Driving across a frozen lawn to plant trees in a 90" tree spade. After a sub-zero weekend, there is about 4" of frost under the grass.

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