Jul 12, 2014
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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 


  • 7/11 - Custer County, Neb.: Crops looked good on our farm up until Monday evening. Then we got stripped up by hail. Some was pretty bad. Some not so bad. Then Wednesday night came, and we got hit again. Now we have corn about ready to shoot a tassel and the plant is severely damaged. Not a good combination. The soybeans are damaged as well, I think they may come out of it somewhat. It's tough to take. I know that I am not the only producer like this in my area. Some have it worse. In eastern Buffalo county and into Kearney county some fields were completely leveled. Naturally I plan for top crops every year. Hail has been the story in this area. The crops not affected look awesome. So, I will keep my head up and do my best with what I have left. For me, one thing that is working very well is my cow/calf pairs. Count your blessings, it can always be worse.

  • 7/11 - Southeast S.D.: Thank you Dallas Co. Ia post. Got a chance to go with my son golfing today! Rain but we didn't get wet, but I suppose our usda experts think a sprinkle with 85 derees and 20 mph sw winds are ideal conditions. The ground in my best fields has cracks and hard as a cement floor! Sure hope we get some "grain making rain" soon! Keep pushing prices down for phantom conditions, and like Nicollet Co. Mn comment, we will have to revert to crop ins checks! Thanks!

  • 7/11 - South Central Mich.: I have to agree with Dallas Co Iowa. I'm not sure why it's called the "Pro" farmer tour. What is a "pro" farmer and what qualify's as one. I know when they estimate the yield for MN they barely make it into the state except for the very southern part of it. That would be like me walking into my field about 2 rows and determining what the yield is. I hear everyday on the radio how great everything is so why the need for the tour? As far as those nincompoops (funds) their the one's who make the "market". We've all heard the term "money flow" so whatever the "funds" want it to do that's what it's going to do. It's a casino on steroids. By the way the corn in this area looks pathetic a nice hail storm would make it look a lot better and the beans are OK short and nothing to brag about.

  • 7/11 - Monroe County, Mich.: We are cutting wheat and making second cutting hay. Also crops are but need rain.

  • 7/10 - Minnehaha County, S.D.: Crops look good except for yellow areas (wet) and white areas (dry) I would like USDA or other experts to call me when they want an honest assessment of conditions!

  • 7/10 - Dallas County, Iowa: How is it possible to have so many nincompoops sitting behind their desks in their white shirts and neon ties dictating Corn and Soybean prices between their little golf games? I can tell from my own extensive Midwest travels and the comments here on AgWeb that this year's production is being grossly over estimated by some over zealous nitwits. Now we can look forward to the USDA and The Pro Farmer Tour throwing out some ill conceived numbers and pushing the price prospects further into the toilet. Being a long way from home really does not make you an "expert" Chip!

  • 7/10 - Southeast S.D.: Some great corn and some poooor corn, beans act like they were planted in June and just won't take off! Definitely, corn is not above average and beans sure don't look good at this time. Drove to Twin Cities through Wilmer, Mn looks like they lost 30-40% of there crop to water.

  • 7/10 - Nicollet County, Minn.: Crops are starting to come around with dry weather and some heat. We are way behind and hoping for a late frost. Hoping USDA will keep showing big numbers through October and the markets will continue to fall. Recipe for big insurance check. My fear will be to save cash the market will rally in October and then crash after that to save on indemnity checks.

  • 7/10 - Greene County, Iowa: Driving 50 miles north, east, and south of Jefferson I notice a very large area in all bean fields that are yellow. I am not an agronomist, but I believe these yellow areas will have a significant reduction in yield, if any yield at all. What do the Pros. have to say about these areas and are you seeing the yellowing in your area?

  • 7/9 - DeKalb County, Mo.: Just got home from a week in Ontario. Crops there looked good although maybe a little further behind than last year when we were there. We went from here to Champaign, IL, up to Chicago and across MI. We came back down through Detroit, Toledo, Fort Wayne, across 24, back down to Champaign and home. There were some trouble spots but from the road things looked very good overall. I have no way of knowing if there were extra acres planted or not but barring a disaster, I’ll have to go with USDA numbers.

  • 7/9 - Southeast S.D.: Crops here look good, if they are not yellow or white! Wet spots even where we tiled are short and yellow, and light spots are turning white with lack of moisture! 8-12 inches of rain in the area in 2 weeks in June now it has shut off! Rain makes grain? We had better have some in July, the month we need it to "make our crop"! Then we better hope August gives us some to make our bean crop! USDA and all our other experts make me sick! They should have someone play with their livelihood! Good luck making $3.00 corn work!

  • 7/9 - Yakima, Wash.: Overall the crops look really good. Corn is 10 ft tall and starting to tassel. 3 rd cutting alfalfa next week. The heat is on. 100 + for the next few days. Irrigation water is good due to a large Mt snow pack. No problems, No worries.

  • 7/9 - North Ky.: Crops here in Northern KY looked good through June, but when July rolled in crops here began to show the signs of stress. All the forecasts were for moisture, but none has made its way yet.

  • 7/9 - Porter County, Ind.: Drove from NW IN to Norwalk OH and back over the holiday weekend. From the toll road, only saw 1 field that had tassels. So many soybeans were "ankle-biter" height, looking more like double-crop..they weren't, as the wheat hadn't been harvested yet. Really uneven stands; would estimate that less than 5% was a decent green color throughout the field. Too much yellow, and some standing water & drowned out spots.

  • 7/9 - Southeast Wis.: Call me slow or what ever, It seems to be raining every 2 days impossible to get any hay made still some 1st crop to finish there will be no bumper crop of hay because we sure won't get an extra cutting this year corn still need to be sprayed the first time and soybean are very weedy and have not been sprayed yet making deep ruts when spraying not good,water standing in all the low spots big patches of corn and beans drown out Corn that is taller looks Ok with yellow spots scattered around shorter corn looks bad all yellow need additional nitrogen already broke the bank getting the crop in and now we are adding more to the cost with additional nitrogen. I think you might find the crop isn't what you think. Chicago thinks it can't be to wet I have news for them it does and it will affect the yeilds

  • 7/9 - Stearns County, Minn.: Corn is knee to waist high and is looking better. Soybeans don't look too bad except drowned out spots. Cool again today. Crop is growing slowly and farmers in this area are starting to worry about early frost. We will need until at least October 20 without a frost to get these crops to maturity I'm afraid. We need some heat and humidity and we need it soon! Good soil moisture. Still recovering from the weekend activities...

  • 7/9 - Berrien County, Mich.: crops are coming along nicely but are spots all over the county with yellow holes some even dead. hope we have a record crop because 3.80 corn doesn't go far on 4.50 inputs. i don't know how or why ceo's make millions every year they aren't really that smart because when things get tight they need a bailout and us farmers cut back and make it work

  • 7/9 - East Central Iowa: For the most part we have been rain free for last week. A lot of hay and oats is being cut down. As of right now, the weather sounds good until Friday. This should allow anybody that has first crop left to get done. Corn and beans are enjoying the dry weather at the moment. Expect to see some tassels in a week, unofficially. Other then hay there is really no field activity.

  • path cc0709   hay cc0709
    --East Central Iowa

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  • 7/8 - East Central Mo.: looks good around here so IL must be absolutely fabulous!

  • 7/8 - Halifax County, N.C.: The spring moisture has long gone. Part of the county got rain from Aurther last week the other half of county has been 4 weeks with no rain. We have had to stopped planting beans and wait on some rain.

  • 7/8 - Northeast Neb.: Corn field south of Snyder in northeast Nebraska is 6-foot tall by the Fourth of July.

  • Corn byNathanMueller UNL
    --Northeast Neb.

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  • 7/8 - South Central Minn.: I remember last fall when the cattleman's association and the grocer's association petitioned the EPA about the RFS and how ethanol was causing high food and feed prices. They wanted something done about it. As we sit here today cattle are at record high prices, and the price of cereal and anything that uses corn or wheat have not come down at all and ethanol is about $1 cheaper than rbob gas. Maybe the ethanol coalition needs to go to the EPA now and petition them about the high beef prices and how much corn we have. We should be able to blend even higher rates of ethanol now. In the midst of rising food prices we supposedly have plenty of corn, wheat and beans around. Whose causing these high prices? Not the farmers. Can't blame ethanol and the grain prices. Last time I checked there was no pork or beef in a box of cereal or in a loaf of bread yet they haven't come down at all in the store. Maybe someone at agweb could go to these organizations and ask them why this is. The hypocrisy with both these organizations is off the charts. You can't make it up.

  • 7/8 - Waupaca County, Wis.: Crops look good. Big variation though. From ankle high to almost tassel. Most of it towards the earlier. With all the potential sun and heat units lost, how can yields be record? The math amazes me. Beans and Cotton up 11 and 9% respectively and Corn And Wheat down 4 and 1%. Where did the extra acres come from? Getting dry with no rain in over a week (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 7/8 - Southeast Ind.: Crops look good, but we are dry and it will take rain to bring up double crops beans in our area. Wheat turned out great, around 90 b/a. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • Josh loading straw bales cc0708   Bales coming out of field cc0708
    --Southeast Ind.

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  • 7/7 - Southwest Michigan: Corn is doing well on most of our acres, roughly 5-6 feet tall at this point. We have had 7 inches of rain in the last 10 days. We can't get into the field to spray soybeans on the heavy ground. Some of the beans and even the weeds are turning yellow with all of the moisture in the soil. We had good moisture during the past winter and even this spring, so the sub moisture reserves are full, with no place for the excess rain to absorb into. Hoping for 7-10 days of wind and sun to help dry the ground enough to support a sprayer.

  • 7/7 - Dickey County, ND: Who is reporting this info. If you look on this website under crop conditions, it says North Dakota has soybeans blooming and corn in silk stage. I find this hard to believe. Everybody in the country planted late. How is this possible and where does this info come from.

  • 7/7 - West Wisconsin: Hired a BTO to come in and make 1st crop haylage. They will be chopping today. Planted the last field of corn on July 1st, if I'm lucky enough, and pray enough, it may have tassels by our normal freeze date. About 1/2 of first crop not made in my area yet, though alot went down the last few days. Crappiest, yellowest corn I have ever seen for July 4th. Beans look to be the best thing growing by far. We need a very late fall or it will be a disaster for many!

  • 7/7 - Washington, Kan.: Our wheat was planted late and got help from a 1/2 inch rain, then 4". Large kernals......43 bpa.

  • 7/7 - Polk County, Iowa: Many acres of drown outs in N Central Iowa. Way too wet and too late to replant. Where the corn has not drowned out, it is shoulder high with some starting to tassel. Area bean fields are barely knee high and showing some yellowing stress from too much water.

  • 7/7 - Central Neb.: Crops here finally looking good. Early planted corn not as well. Four nights of freezing really messed it up. Soybeans loll horrible. It's just like they don't really wanna take off. And then there was the good ol usda report. Isn't it amazing how they can keep comming up with more and more acres. But they won't say how many acres have been lost due to urban development. And no one wants to tell us how many beans have been imported. Like Grandpa says it ain't in the bin yet!!

  • 7/3 - Western Wis.: 16 inches of rain/cold in June crops are suffering can't spray or side dress,sunshine and warm temps needed!

  • 7/3 - Giles Tenn.: Had localized flooding early June. Have had very spotty showers since. Set a good crop with good pollination. Corn firing up,deteriorating daily with temps in the 90s. Soybeans look good but starting to show stress. Wheat harvest behind ,but crop is very good. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 7/3 - Northumberland County Pa.: Just had two thunderstorms come through this evening, didn't look what we got yet. Crops looking really great and with the hot humid weather we've been having is making stuff grow. This rain will help a lot also. Had to replant some corn acres count of chemical damage. The chemical company that we worked with made the program up and stuff was good with reps and they said yes everything will be okay for us. Now we have massive damage in spots and now reps won't stand behind it. Even though they gave us they okay and go ahead for everything.

  • 7/3 - Pierpont, Ohio: Most corn here is looking good--lots of little showers--a Lot of first cutting around here still not made. We had 4.5 inches rain last week and the ground is drying out fast.

  • 7/3 - Putnam County, Ohio: corn excellent shoulder high soybeans good early ones starting to bloom: wheat very good will harvest in a week: alfalfa excellent looks like best tonnage ever. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 7/2 - North Central Neb.: Crops around here are looking good. Corn and beans have made a huge jump here in the last couple of weeks. Drove from home all the way to Omaha this last weekend and saw alot of pretty tuff crops. But also saw alot of VERY GOOD crops as well. The only places where crops look bad around here are places where you shouldnt have been planting in the first place. Everybody have a good 4th!

  • 7/2 - Richland County, N.D.: Who the reporting for my county? He is NOT even close

  • 7/2 - Berrien County Minn.: 3.5 in of rain last night nice dark green corn laying flat from strong winds hope it will stand back up. I was always taught not to count chickens before they hatch not that way in Washington

  • 7/2 - Pittsylvania County, Va.: Praying the tropical depression comes far enough inland to give us some relief. A few a farmers have had a small shower, but we've had less than three tenths of an inch of rain in over three weeks and temperatures in the upper 80's to mid 90's every week. Corn is tasseling now and double crop beans are struggling to emerge. We desperately need a rainy 4th of July.

  • 7/2 - Pine County, Minn.: Most fields so saturated cannot get all fields planted. Some corn planted, even less beans planted. Now trying to cut hay between rain storms. All in all not a great spring nor beginning to summer for farmers in the area.

  • 7/2 - Walsh County, N.D.:Finished seeding on June 18. Crops look pretty good despite all the rain. But when I drove 160 miles south and east to Fargo, we realized how lucky our area has been.The heart of the Red River Valley is REALLY WET. Rainy days and high wind has put us way behind spraying. We all need some warm temps and sunshine.

  • 7/2 - DeKalb County Mo.:USDA is amazing. I finished planting beans June 29th & they have said planting is over. They must watch me. It was a muddy mess and a battle for me. It's not surprising to me that acreages are up. If there's not a cow in a field, it's in soybeans. I'm surprised the acreages are as low as they are. Some of these fields are now relocating to the drainage ditches alongside the roads as this thinner ground is washing away rapidly. I'm guilty too. I've planted beans on some pasture ground we had but that was to provide me more acreage to spread my hog lagoons.

  • 7/1 - Pennington County, Minn.: Crops started late but came up good. The rain and cool weather has hurt small grains and the row crops are small. We have had 15+ inches of rain. We are going to need heat and dry weather soon. The grain crops are predicated to be a half crop.

  • 7/1 - Jackson County, Iowa: 6" of rain last week. 4.5" so far this week. Once again areas around us received a lot more. Last night we had 2 rounds of severe weather. Some corn took it pretty hard. All rivers are at or above flood stage. Both corn and beans are showing stress in parts of the field because of excessive moisture. Still a fair amount of 1st crop hay to be made yet. After last night, the only thing standing are the weeds in the hay fields.

  • flooded fields iowa cc070114  flooded field2 iowa cc070114
    --Jackson County, Iowa

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  • 7/1 - Oliver County, N.D.: Too bad usda doesn't tell us what percentage of those acres are underwater. Did some driving around the state this weekend and found a lot of the same everywhere we drove, WATER. I agree, rain makes grain, but in excess it makes for prevent plant and flooded fields. Seen some really nice crop, but also more shaky looking stuff than I thought was out there. Need sun and warm temps!

  • 7/1 - Palo Alto County, Iowa : It's been about impossible to spray soybeans and even try to replant where we still have lakes that fill up every couple of days. We will give up with the idea of replants by next week. Lots of acres under water and the rest are under stress because of too much moisture. We don't have to have a drought to have a poor crop. Obviously these markets have forgot this. Wind rain and hail ruin a crop way faster than drought!

  • 7/1 - Northeast, Neb.: ...seems every time we get rain we get a storm...lots of hail,green snap, tornadoes, high winds..crop looks good then mother narural beats it down again... had hail and lots of green snap and blown over corn this last weekend and monday...beans keep getting hailed off wont have to worry bout growing to tall this year...don’t under stand were all the 75% good corn is at????????

  • 7/1 - South Central Minn.: Another scandolus report out of Washington. This time from the USDA. Mysteriously finding more corn & beans. Apparently the bean increase came from underestimating last years crop. That's odd because we were told in the January report what the final yield was. Since the USDA is so good at mysteriously finding things maybe they could get hired in finding the missing emails from the IRS.

  • 7/1 - Polk County, Iowa: Inch of rain per half hour combined with 70 mph winds equal a lot of building and crop damage. More forecast for later tonight. Rivers and creeks out of their banks for the second time in just the last week.

  • 7/1 - Tippah County, Miss.: Soybeans off to a great start for the most part. Some localized areas have been wetter than others this spring but on average things look good!

  • Soybeans Miss cc070114
    --Tippah County, Miss.

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  • 7/1 - Pottawattamir County, Iowa: Another 5 inches this week, with some hail and wind. 15+ inches of rain so far this month. Water everywhere.

  • 6/30 - Plymouth County, Iowa: Rain+sun-hail-flooding-latefreeze=grain. #lakeallisgone

  • 6/30 - Caldwell County, Mo.: Crops are doing good

  • 6/30 - Dodge, Neb.: 16 inches of rain in northern Dodge county and hail to go with that soybeans look worst i have seen since 1993 not looking good.

  • 6/27 - Dallas County, Iowa: 6 inches of rain in 4 hours for Eastern Polk and Western Dallas Counties Thursday afternoon. Another inch plus, over night with more rain predicted for the next three days. Flash flooding everywhere and trouble coming for those areas that don't drain quickly or well.

  • 6/27 - Adams County, Neb.: crops look great in the area maybe record high yields . lots of rain , far better than drought and declining aguifers

  • 6/27 - Whitley County, Ind.: some winter kill an stanting water kill rest looks good about 70 bu wheat (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 6/27 - Rooks County, Kan.: Got a couple of fields of thinner continuous wheat cut and just when we get into a field of summer fallow and much better wheat, we get over an inch of rain. Panorama picture from a continuous field (like how it stitches the reel together).

  • wheat harvest 2014 panorama
    --Rooks County, Kan.

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  • 6/27 - Lucas County, Iowa: Wide variety of emergence in fields in this area due to the wet weather. Most farms are planted down here, but many acres planted later then expected.

  • soybeans cc062714  corn cc062714
    --Lucas County, Iowa

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  • 6/27 - Lucas County, Iowa: We planted May 4th and corn is 5-6 feet tall and soybeans are knee high. Fields got sprayed yesterday. Our crops look great, but it varies greatly among the neighbors. A wide array of stands down here, I'm not sure you will see the record yields that USDA predicts.

  • spraying beans
    --Lucas County, Iowa

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  • 6/26 - East Central Iowa: last week, Jackson County received anywhere from 3 to as much is 10 inches of rain. We have been dry for the most part here since Monday. We do have a chance of rain everyday through next Wednesday. I would guess there is still 20% of the first crop hay needs to be made yet. A fair amount got rained on last week and still laying there yet. For the most part, corn and beans are taking the wet weather in stride. There there are some yellow spots in the fields, which I think will be there till the end.

  • tractor rainbow cc062614  field rainbow cc062614
    --East Central Iowa

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  • 6/26 - Union County, N.C.: Wheat was very good this year averaging 72 BPA with no fungus pressure, and a test weight in the 60+ lb. range. The harvest weather was excellent for wheat, but corn could use more rain at this time. Soybeans double-cropped behind wheat are showing as a good stand in 5 days. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • Wheat harvest cc062614
    --Union County, N.C.

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  • 6/26 - Union County, N.C.: Wheat was very good this year averaging 72 BPA with no fungus pressure, and a test weight in the 60+ lb. range. The harvest weather was excellent for wheat, but corn could use more rain at this time. Soybeans double-cropped behind wheat are showing as a good stand in 5 days.

  • 6/26 - Macon County, Ga.: Crops are off to a good start, but a long way to go! Most corn is tasseling and early beans have been sprayed twice that need it as they are about to lap on 36 in rows. First cutting of hay done and have fertilized for the second. Weather is about as good as we could have hoped!

  • Beans cc062614
    --Macon County, Ga.

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  • 6/26 - Fillmore County, Neb.: Corn looked good in the area but now it caught some new leaf disease and whole fields are turning brown and falling over. It is affecting fields at a fast rate. All I can say is if you need corn you better be buying it right now!!!!! Crop will not be there.

  • 6/26 - Berrien County, Mich.: 3.5 to 4.0 inches of rain within 5 miles of us we had a nice stand of beans until yesterday now we have a nice 3 acre lake in one field probably be re planting if it dries out soon corn looks good here if we can finish side dressing soon never a dull moment being a farmer.

  • 6/26 - Chippewa County, Wis.: I would say 20 percent excellent 40 percent good and 40 percent not planted or poor

  • 6/25 - Madison County, Ohio: Overall crops in this area look good other than being so far behind in development. Most years we are a week or two from tasseling but this year half of the corn is waist high and the other half is any stage from waist high to a foot high. Beans are in the same boat anywhere from 3-10 inches. We have been dealing with saturated soils in our area of east central Madison county and things got worse last night. We received another 1.5" of rain. Where the low spots were hanging on they are now under water so we'll have to see if they survive the wetness. Need some more sun. Seems like we haven't seen it much in the last two weeks.

  • 6/25 - Dallas County, Iowa: Probably one of the most variable crops ever produced in the corn belt this year. Maybe one of the best looking crops at this time in my area. Travel any direction from here and things change fast. This would be a good year for the Pro Farmer Tour to do us all a favor and stay home. Please! Every year you guys come rolling through and jack up the speculators with some goofy, Hocus Pocus, Voo Doo numbers you pull out of a hat. Between the Pro Farmer Troops and the USDA Crop Reports, it's a wonder any of us survive all the hype they generate. If this sounds "critical" it's supposed to.

  • 6/25 - Huron County, Ohio: Update from Huron County Ohio. As of 10 pm on the 24th we have had another 2.5 inches of rain and it is still raining! Over 4 inches total in 24 hours. Crops are covered with water in all low areas and standing water everywhere else. No above average crops here this year. Doubtful if side dressing N can be finished now before corn too tall.

  • 6/25 - Jo Daviess County, Ill.: 9 Inches of rain last week. We have ruts and gullies in all the fields and strips. Very uneven looking corn and beans. Still have to make first crop of hay. Going to be a very long summer if this keeps up...

  • 6/25 - Brown County, Wis.: Very wet, planting isn't all finished. New seeding to go in yet and 35% of corn in areas

  • 6/24 - South Manitoba Canada : Well southern Manitoba has joined the ocean of wet in western Canada. Crops are now stressed due to excess moisture no matter where you go in Manitoba and this is pretty general across western Canada. Crops are generally late and lots of unseeded acres lots of drowned out and lots stressed due to excess moisture. No bumper crop in Manitoba this year.

  • 6/24 - Stearns County, Minn.: Fields finally starting to dry out. Corn pushing knee high, spread dry nitrogen right before last rain, corn getting dark green. Sprayed 200 acres soybeans yesterday. They are finally starting to come around. Non-tiled land doesn't look very good, however. Still too wet to cut my grass hay meadows. Should be bumper crop on my winter rye barring any severe storms.

  • 6/24 - Huron County, Ohio: Wet here in north part of the county. We had over 1.5 inches of rain today. On top of the 2 plus inches last week. Lot of beans not planted. Most of those will be prevented planting from what I am hearing. We didn't get last 55 ac done. Ground is just to saturated. Beans that are planted are coming slow. Some corn looks good but starting to show effects of wet weather in places. A lot of nitrogen not put on yet in the area. Not sure when or if it will be. We spent a day spreading urea over top of the corn so at least that got done. Wheat starting to change color a little. Long way to go. Recent storms have knocked a lot of wheat down. Great thing about Ohio "wait 10 minutes and the weather will change". Hopefully for the better.

  • 6/24 - Kossuth County, Iowa: Sorry 20% of our soybean acreage and a like amount of our corn acreage got unplanted in the recent rains and flooding. As they are for the most part too wet to replant yet we are going to be lucky to get them replanted by the 4th of July which is pretty close to the drop dead date for any hope of a harvestable crop from those acres. With an early frost this Fall they could just become a green manure crop. Most of our prairie pothole neighbors in Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota are in the same boat.

  • 6/24 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Total of .60" in May and now up to 9.35" since the 1st of June. Lots of pivots down and hail in many areas. Otherwise crops are looking really good if you were lucky enough to escape the perils. Our corn and beans are about average for this time of year.

  • NE corn cc062414   soybeans neb cc062414
    --Buffalo County, Neb.

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  • 6/23 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Crops look good for all the rain we have had. Over 10 inches of rain in the last 16 days. Plenty of wind but little hail. Good crop prospects, but no record.

  • 6/23 - Lee County, Iowa: Heavy rain again today now the river coming up from rain up north hope are best crop in years in southeast iowa don't get totally ruined like 93 or 2008 wheat hay need dry weather

  • 6/23 - Sibley County, Minn.: 14.7 in of rain from may 31 to june 19

  • 6/23 - Lancaster County, Neb.: Corn crop coming along nicely, as long as you have dodged the "white rain" Beans have been slow to get going but last weeks heat will finally get them jump started. We had to replant 15% of our beans do to hail. We now have full profile of moisture and a few timely rains from here on out and we will raise a good crop....but this is always the problem in eastern NE is those timely rains in July and August. Received a beautiful 1.25 to 1.55 on Friday night.

  • 6/23 - Lincoln County, S.D.: Eight day rainfall total 10 inches in 6 hours


SD cc062314  rainSD cc062314
--Lincoln County, S.D.

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  • 6/23 - Marion County, Ohio: corn and beans off to a good start. A lot of rain but not a washout. Wheat is several wks behind in harvest which will probably affect acreage back to double crop beans. Fields too wet to sidedress and spray.

  • 6/23 - Douglas County, Ill.: Everything is mostly planted in the county. Our corn was planted on 4/18 to 4/27 and conditions have ben ideal for early growth. The corn looks as good as I have ever seen for this time of year. Maybe we see the full potential of the seed corn genetics this year. Local elevator managers have been doing there own surveys of corn/bean acres. One says soybean acres up 8%, another one up 13%. This makes sense to me given the winter run up in new crop bean price.

  • 6/23 - West Central Minn.: Record crops on the way!

  • flooded crops minn cc062314
    --West Central Minn.

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  • 6/23 - South Centarl Minn.: With all the rain,flooding & below normal temps, MN will not be adding to the so called burdensome supply so many of the experts said we are going to have. The insurance adjuster called and said it would be at least a few weeks to look at my hail damaged field due to all the claims in MN, Northern Iowa and Nebraska. That seems odd when the USDA said we have some of the highest crop ratings ever. They couldn't possibly be wrong again predicting record yields and coming up short like they have the last 5 yrs in a row could they? Never underestimate the USDA though, the way they can manipulate the numbers and mysteriously find or loose bushels never ceases to amaze me.

  • 6/23 - Henry County, Ohio: Things look great around here. Another nice inch of rain this week. Waiting for it to turn the other way though.

  • 6/20 - Winnebago County, Iowa: Acres and Acres under water. Hail and wind damage. Rivers and creeks flooded, gullies washed everywhere. A lot of damage has occurred across widespread areas of MN and Northern Iowa this week. Forecast is for heavy rain today, tomorrow and on through the weekend. I’m not worried though, just read another article on agweb this morning telling me I will have all time record yields do to perfect greenhouse conditions.

  • 6/20 - Central Neb.: After the last 2 weeks of storms in neb you can take a bunch off this big crop the usda is projecting. Add in all the problems in Iowa Illinois Minnesota and the Dakotas. It ain't there fellas. Don't sell. This market is gonna come back with a vengeance.

  • 6/20 - Monroe Mich.: We were dry, but got a 1.2 inches of rain on June 18 crops are doing excellent.

  • 6/20 - Brown County, Wis.: Finished planting beans on 6/9-got 1st crop haylage put up by 6/14.Rained 1 3/4" 6/16-6/17. Still enuff land not planted in eastern Brown & western Kewaunee Co. Hope to make dry hay by July 4th- crops here have a long way to go-no bumper year for us. Our thoughts go out to the people of Pilger,NE-we got nothing to complain about.

  • 6/20 - LeSueur County, Minn.: Minnesota...land of 10 million lakes!

  • 6/20 - Southeast Ind.: The next generation starting on a dryer/storage site that should be more cost effective than what we are presently using.

  • Ind cc0620
    --Southeast Ind.

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  • 6/20 - Sibley County, Minn.: This is before the last big rain of 5+ inches, yes that is a 30 acre lake in a 65 acre field. This is a very common sight in the county and throughout southern Minnesota.

  • Minn cc0620
    --Sibley County, Minn.

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  • 6/19 - Big Stone County, Minn.: Another couple inches overnight. Minnesota now land of 100,000 lakes. Corn and beans underwater and yellow. Weeds as tall as crop with no sprayer able to get in fields anytime soon. This will be the 7th month in a row with below normal temps. I can sleep at night because the "experts" say big crop is coming.

  • 6/19 - Dallas County, Iowa: All crops planted around here, but condition varies a lot in both beans and corn. Corn knee high but lots of height and color variation with in the same field. SB anywhere from 3 to 6 inches tall with many skips. Even with ideal weather from here on out, only an "average" yield expected - a long way from a "record" yield.

  • 6/18 - Harper County, Kan.: Very good moisture for the soybeans and corn.

  • 6/18 - Sanborn County, S.D.: Ten oclock June 16 all of our corn and bean acres north of Mitchell. SD were hit by hail. Corn was close to foot tall. All we have left is stalk. We have beans planted in James River Valley, hopefully that does not flood. Thankfully we had hail and crop insurance.

  • 6/18 - Winneshiek County, Iowa: In our part of the country we went through the wettest spring in 50 years in 2013. We had a record amount of prevent plant acres in our state. But when other parts of the country have good yields the market doesn't care if you didn't get your fields planted. For those of you with prevent plant acres this year, I know exactly how you feel. Unfortunately when it's all said and done we'll probably produce a record crop everywhere else and your acres won't matter. It sure happened to us last year!

  • 6/18 - Dickinson County, Kan.: We have gone from one extreme to the other here in our area. We were dry all winter and spring, and now that the wheat is ready to harvest, we are way too wet. Our corn looks good and the beans just need some drier weather, but there has been very little milo planted in this part of the state. We have had 8-10 inches of rain since the first of June, which is usually the prime time to plant milo. Almost nobody in this area has experience with prevented planting, but this could be the year. We certainly need a change in the weather pattern, but the forecast doesn't look good.

  • 6/17 - Sibley County, Minn.: All the good to excellent corn must be elsewhere than in this county. Many fields still not touched due to wetness, corn small and yellow due to oversaturation. I expect some big surprises on actual acres planted and the actual yields we are a long way from being in the bin with this "huge" corn crop, odds are it wont be huge in Sibley County.....

  • 6/17 - South Central Minn.: Corn Flat to the ground after last nights storm. Streak of Hail on some to our west. Many Acres under water. Corn was already yellow and uneven. Predicting severe storms every day this week. We don’t get record crops in this part of the country when it rains like this.

  • 6/17 - Southeast, Ind.: Finally finished 4 acres of corn we had skipped to allow us to get back to pick up a fence row we had torn out, we skipped it on May 27th! Was still probably too wet to be out there. Corn looks good and beans should take off with warmer weather this week. Everyone is behind spraying, and if dry enough, there will be quite a few acres of beans planted this week in southern Indiana and Ohio.

  • 6/17 - Kandiyohi County, Minn.: extremely wet, 5.5"rain the last 2days on top of saturated soils. Have had 21" rain since may 1st. more on the way

  • 6/17 - Palo Alto County, Iowa : Had over 10 inches of rain the past 2 weeks. Some storms with strong winds and hail. Tornados to the north and south of us tonight. If this is el nino then give us a drought! Just replanted a bunch of corn Friday to only have those acres plus more under water again. Rain isn't making grain around here. Bet the markets will be down again tomorrow.

  • 6/17 - Wells County, Ind.: The good Lord has blessed us with wonderful looking crops. Have received timely rains just need some heat to really help this crop along. Sounds like highs near ninety this week should help a lot. Thanks to each and every farmer out there helping to feed this world. May God bless you!

  • 6/17 - Jackson County, Iowa: 2nd crop hay.

  • hay field cc0617
    --Jackson County, Iowa

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  • 6/17 - Dunn County, Wis.: Another 3" of rain in 2 hours overnight Saturday. That has been the 3rd 3" rain event in the last 4 weeks. Still some planting to do. massive amounts of erosion and gullies all over the area, no-till or not! Some 1st crop has been harvested. Went to the inlaws Saturday in central Minnesota. South of Cokato to Glencoe and Spencer, Hutchinson, about 3/4" of the ground not touched yet. Ponds and ponds of water with ducks floating by in almost every field as far as the eye can see. What a disaster! Father in law said the prevent plant on soybeans won't even cover the rent.





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