Sep 23, 2014
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Dairy on AgriTalk: More Bang for the Buck
AT_Rothenberg Interview
AgriTalk: Food in Trash Does Not Help Child Nutrition
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AT_Mischa Popoff Interview
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Cong. Crawford Legislation Would Keep EPA From Releasing Farmer Data
Cong. Frank Lucas on Farm Bill Success
Farm Bill Update with Rep. Collin Peterson
Animal Rights Groups Target Circus
Farm Bill Update: House to Name Conferees This Week
KS Farm Bureau President Steve Baccus
Should We Share Yield Info?
Farm Bill Update: Stabenow on Waste, WTO Compliance
Rep Collin Peterson Talks 2013 Farm Bill
Managing Nutrients in this Wet Growing Season
Insect Resistance to Bt is Growing
Labor Shortage Hurting CA Crops
Jerry Moran - Farm Bill Passes Senate
NCBA Opposes COOL Rules
Canada Not Pleased with New COOL
RAW Audio - EPA Sarah Bittleman Press Conference
KS School Uses Ag Charter for Turnaround
Pink Pumpkins for Cancer Research
Stallman: Best chance in decade for immigration reform
How will Affordable Care Act impact rural America?
Raw Audio - Vilsack Traceability Press Conference
Vilsack: Economic Analysis of GIPSA Rule Already Done
Dr. Lori gives formula for determining proper diet for pets.
Hearing About the Abuse Video
AgriTalk OnLine - August 30, 2011
Dominos Pizza teams up with dairy to improve school lunch
USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack Speech at 2012 AFBF Annual Meeting
NPPC Reacts to FDA Antibiotic Rulings
EPA Notifies Congress It Will Not Regulate Farm Dust
Hirshberg 1
DMI - Paul Rovey
Daren Coppock on AgriTalk
MF Global Collapse Impact on Ag
Dan Froelich interview
U.S. Working to Fully Open South Korea to U.S. Beef
AgriTalk OnLine - August 31, 2011
AgriTalk OnLine - September 13, 2011
Burkgren Cut 2 for Pork
House Ag Committee Chair Lucas on lack of consensus on new farm bill
The Story Behind O Holy Night
Jason Henderson - Omaha Branch Exec. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Carroll Moseley of Syngenta
Farm Land Fundamentals Firm But Values Could See Slow Slide
AgriTalk OnLine - September 1, 2010
NCBA President Bill Donald Praises Passage of FTAs
Biodiesel Press Conference
Peterson on FSA Office Cuts
USTR Ron Kirk on Pending Free Trade Agreements
Supreme Court Rejects California Downer Animal Ban
Dr. Wagstrom Edit
Farm Progress Flashback with Phil Deal
USTR Ron Kirk
Burkgren Cut 1 for Pork
Cong. Peterson on Farm Bill, Dairy Reform, FSA Office Closings
Egg Producers Defend HSUS Deal
RMA Administrator Murphy: Lower crop insurance premiums in 2012 and likely in 2013
Secretary Vilsack Statement on Traceability Plan
Cong. Huelskamp: Send Free Trade Agreements to Floor of Congress
Sam Carney Edit for Pork
House Ag Chair Frank Lucas of Oklahoma on 2012 Farm Bill and USDA Consolidation
Raw audio of HSUS press conference
Cong. Peterson on 2012 Farm Bill
Farm Progress Flashback with George Innes
USDA Secretary Vilsack and EPA Administrator Jackson Joint Press Conference
Is Dioxin the next regulatory threat to ag?
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson on AgriTalk
Vilsack Farm Bill Cut
Ag Trade Ambassador Islam Siddiqui on passage of free trade agreements
Shawn Smeins of Rabo AgriFinance on AgriTalk
AgriTalk - November 18 - Segment 1
Impact of Deficit Deal on Ag
National Rural Health Day
United Egg Producers Respond to Criticism over HSUS Agreement
New White House Rural Council
USB Laura Foell
NCBA Lawsuit Against EPA
Kevin Brady Cut
Raw Audio - Department of Labor Press Call
Homeland Security Stepping Up Agroterrorism Prevention Efforts
EPA Region 7 Administrator Debunks Hay as a Pollutant Story
Jerry Kozak - National Milk Producers Federation
NCBA Economist Gregg Doud on GIPSA Economic Analysis
Hirshberg 2
Former Congressman Charlie Stenholm on ag budget negotiations
Cong. Peterson on Dairy Policy
AgriTalk OnLine - September 1, 2011
NPPC Past President Sam Carney on Passage of FTAs
Update on Free Trade Agreements with Congressman Kevin Brady
White House Pushing for Quick Implementation of FTAs
School Nutritionists Voice Concerns Over New Rules
Lucas: Deficit Talks Could Force New Farm Bill in a Matter of Months
Farm Progress Flashback with Frank Holdmeyer
Education Secretary Arne Duncan
House Ag Committee Ranking Member Collin Peterson Voices Frustration Over Budget Deadlock
Pork Checkoff Start
AgriTalk OnLine at AG CONNECT Expo
AFBF President Bob Stallman Press Conference
NCBA Voices Concerns Over UEP Deal With HSUS
Animal Welfare Enforcement Post Prop B
Kansas Senator Jerry Moran on FTA approvals
Legal Issues of NCBA Lawsuit Against NCBA
US Trade Representative Ron Kirk Responds to Congressional Critics Calling for All Three Trade Agreements to be Bundled
NCBA CEO Forrest Roberts on Settlement with Beef Checkoff
Congressman Frank Lucas on AgriTalk
CARD Study: Ethanol Has Minimal Impact on Corn Prices
NPPC President: New GIPSA Rules Could Have Unintended Consequences
Farm Progress Flashback with Eric Ziel
AgriTalk - November 18 - Segment 4
AgriTalk OnLine - July 15, 2010
MO Farm Bureau President Fights New HSUS Ballot Initiative
Peterson Pushing for Quick Adoption of New Dairy Program to Prevent Collapse Repeat
USTR Working on New Trade Agreements
Raw audio of HSUS Press Conference
USDA Employee Creates National 4-H Program in Iraq
Fight Over Rural Air Service WIll Continue
Mosaic Interview
Demand For Bison is Outpacing Production
Farm Progress Flashback with Matt Jungmann
Mark Dehner - Growmark
NRCS Chief Dave White on Chesapeake conservation efforts
AgriTalk - November 18 - Segment 3
Traceability Cut
Impact of Credit Downgrade on Ag
Iowa Select Farms Responds to Undercover Video
NCBA Responds to e Coli rules
USDA Secretary Says Coexistance of Biotech,Conventional and Organic is New Policy Priority
Senator Pat Roberts on 2012 Farm Bill
Grassley on FTAs and Ethanol Tax Credit
EISENMANN interview at National Ethanol Conference
Monsanto Auditorium at FPS - Day 2
Bullard: GIPSA Rules Protect from "Overreaching Market Dominance" of Packers
FTA is Costing U.S. Farmers
Peterson Pessimistic on FTAs
Copper thefts from Irrigation on the rise
What Will Proposition 2 Cost Egg Producers?
How Alleged Abuser Was Hired
AgriTalk - March 4, 2011
HSUS Watchdog: HSUS Got Little in Ohio
Bob Stallman on USFRA (edit)
AVMA: Study Should Be Done on Antibiotic Use in Livestock
Monsanto Auditorium at FPS - Day 1
Dairy Innovation Center
Dr. Liz Wagstrom edit 2 for Pork Magazine
AgriTalk OnLine - Syngenta - February 23, 2010
House Ag Committee Chairman Frank Lucas on AgriTalk at Commodity Classic
The Truth About Pesticide Residues - There
Vilsack Pressing Administration on Labor Regs
Proposition 2 Will Impact Egg Industry Beyond California
CBB: Policy Groups Should Not Influence Programming, Budget or Governance of Checkoff
HSUS Press Conference on Smithfield
How is the deficit crunch affecting ag lending
Corn Analysis of Prospective Plantings Report from Doane Senior Economist Mary Foreman
Estate Tax Strategies
Secretary Vilsack Outlines FSA Office Closures
Details of Ethanol Deal in Senate
A look at new food safety programs put in place in 2011
Biotech Animals Could Be Nearing Regulatory Approval
Background of Mercy For Animals Investigator
Former USTR Susan Schwab Critical of Trade Agency Merger Proposal
McDonalds Developing New Dairy Products
Interview with Kansas Senator Jerry Moran
AgriTalk OnLine at the Farm Progress Show - Day 1
Ohio Farm Bureau: Ohio Ag Could Have Lost Consumer Support
AgriTalk - Segment 3
Harold Reetz Interview - AGROTAIN
Animal Ag Responds to Meatless Mondays
Ohio Livestock Board Member Asks HSUS for Science to Back Up Claims
Dr. Liz Wagstrom on NPPC Talk Antibiotics
Doane Crop Tour
Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board
Mike Fassler AgStar
AgriTalk OnLine - March 3, 2011
MIke Borgic - Illinois Pork Producers
USDA Secretary Vilsack on Obama Deficit Plan
Dr. Glynn Tonsor on Animal Welfare Labeling
New Beef Checkoff Chair Wesley Grau
USDA Response to Drought
FDA Raw Audio
Reaction to HSUS President Wayne Pacelle Presentation to Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board
New Ohio Livestock Care Standards Go Into Effect Next Week
Chuck Foresman of Syngenta on AgriTalk
Jeff Windett talks about Missourians for Animal Care
MO Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson on Levee Reconstruction
Syngenta on AgriTalk at Commodity Classic
Princeton, MO FFA chapter helps Joplin FFA rebuild
Prop 2 Leaves CA Egg Producers in Limbo
Geoff Cooper Renewable Fuels Association
AgriTalk OnLine at Commodity Classic - South Dakota Corn Growers
Bob Stallman - USFRA Chairman
AGROTAIN at Commodity Classic
Congressmen Adrian Smith of Nebraska and Ted Poe of Texas talk about effort to repeal the estate tax
AgriTalk OnLine at Commodity Classic - Syngenta
Farm Progress Flashback with Keith Ryan
MO Ag Director on Levee Breach Preparations
AFBF President Bob Stallman on Brazil, Colombia, Panama trip
Shawn Smeins of Rabo AgriFinance on AgriTalk OnLine
Rob Zemenchik of Case-IH
Senator Johanns: USDA Overreaching on GIPSA Rules
Beyond the Bean - Marc Curtis
AgriTalk at World Dairy Expo - DMI 1
NCBA Federation Backs Off Checkoff Governance Discussions
Mark Jirak - Syngenta on AgriTalk
Groups Challenge HSUS Tax Exempt Status
Abuse Video Leads to Hiring Changes
Doane Economist Marty Foreman Reacts to USDA Crop Report
NCBA Chief Economist Gregg Doud on final USDA/ DOJ Competetiveness Hearing
NCBA Concerned Over Proposed GIPSA Rules
NCBA to Back Off Talk of Checkoff Governance
Senator Mike Johanns reacts to E15 announcement
AVMA Wants Science Based Animal Welfare Standards, Not Voter Propositions
AgriTalk - November 18 - Segment 2
Ohio Farmers See HSUS Agreement as Mixed Bag
Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas on AgriTalk
Dairy Industry Partners With Dominos Pizza on School Lunch
Farm Progress Flashback with Emmett Sefton
Office of First Lady Press Conference on Healthy Food Access
AgriTalk OnLine at NCGA Land Use Conference
AgriTalk OnLine from World Dairy Expo
Syngenta at ARA
Mary Kay Thatcher on Deficit Deal - edit
NPPC President Responds to United Egg Producers Deal with HSUS
AgriTalk OnLine at Commodity Classic - Kansas Soybean
Dave Crooks gulf oil spill show
Impact of Trade Agreements on Ag
Missouri Farmer Sells Raw Milk
Scott George Anti-Meat cut
Jason Hoag Interview
Cost of Climate Change Legislation
NPPC Responds to Animal Rights Group Targeting Grocery Chains
Get Irrigation Ready for Spring
NCGA CEO Rick Tolman Reacts to E15 Waiver Announcement
Independent Community Bankers Respond to Financial Reform Package
Vegans Protest 4-H Livestock Auction
Farmers Must Fight to Keep Atrazine
USDA 2012 Budget Press Conference
Estate Tax Repeal Could Increase Tax Revenues by $89 Billion
Vilsack Responds to 4-H/ HSUS Controversy
AgriTalk OnLine - Syngenta - February 24, 2010
University of Missouri Economist: Nothing Good in GIPSA Rules
AgriTalk OnLine at Commodity Classic - Illinois Corn
Jim Pogue of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers explains flood risk if Missouri levee is not breached extends well beyond Cairo, Illinois
John Koenig - Syngenta on AgriTalk
Senator Charles Grassley on Deficit Deal
New School Nutrition Guidelines Target Beef, Part of Meatless Agenda
Bill Bullard of RCALF USA responds to NCBA settlement
Pew Trust Study on Meat Safety Flawed According to Texas Tech Epidemiologist
Ag Bankers Edit for Pork
Monsanto on Patent Expiration
Soybean Analysis of Prospective Plantings Report from Doane Senior Economist Bill Nelson
The Story Behind the Animal Rights Video
Conklin Comments on Delay in Releasing Abuse Video
California Egg Farmers Gearing up for Prop 2 Requirements
Campaign for Real Milk - Sally Fallon Morrell
Vilsack Responds to Kerry/ Lieberman Climate Bill
California Rail Project Responds to Farmer Concerns
AgriTalk Interview with USDA Secretary Vilsack at Commodity Classic
Foglesong: Producers Need to Know the True Cost of GIPSA Rules
Arizona Murder Heightens Border Security Debate
Show Me Tractor Cruise
Save Farm Families
Vilsack on Priorities for 2012 Farm Bill
Who Will Regulate Proposition 2?
No CDL Requirement for Farmers and Ranchers
Chris Lursen
Former FSIS Chief Speaks Out on Food Safety
Read to Vote
Wheat Growers Study Pros and Cons of Climate Change Legislation
NCBA Economist: Next Ten Days Critical in Beef Trade with Taiwan
Animal Ag Under a Coordinated Attack
Lucas: Cap and Trade Designed to Beat Economy Into Submission
USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack on AgriTalk
United Farm Workers announce Take Our Jobs campaign
Ag Economist: Current Pork Losses WIll Outpace 1998
Vilsack Says Crop Insurers Making Too Much Profit
The Sweet Surprise of Corn
Dairy Changes Won
December 30 Segment 1
An Urban Wheat Field Grows in Washington
Nathan Ruby, Executive Director of the World Soy Foundation
734th Agribusiness Development Team
Dr. Temple Grandin on HBO Biopic
Status Report on AgConnect
Vilsack Responds to Criticism of Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food
Obama Visit to Missouri Ethanol Plant
Carroll Moseley of Syngenta on AgriTalk OnLine
HSUS Press Conference on Veal Packer Video
AgriTalk - Jan 12 - Segment 2
Livestock Standards Board Member Surprised by Statement of Support from HSUS
Gleaner Flex Head
225,000 Dairy Cows Removed From Herd
AgriTalk OnLine - AgConnect - January 14, 2010
Cindy Punke of Case-IH
AgriTalk Interview with South Korean Ambassador Han
Pork Vet Responds to CBS Report on Antibiotic Use in Livestock
Syngenta works to feed the hungry
Tight Funds Could Bring Changes for 2012 Farm Bill
AVMA: Human Health Tied to Animal Health in Haiti
Florida Strawberries are in Season/ Facing Frost Concerns
AgriTalk - What happens when biotech patents expire?
Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas Press Conference
Vilsack Travels to Afghanistan
Sen. Saxby Chambliss lifts block on Obama appointee
Mobile Slaughter
AgriTalk OnLine - National Farm Machinery Show - February 11, 2010
High Bitrate Recording of Bryan Walsh
EPA Decision on E115
What is on the Horizon for Precision Farming
A New Gleaner is Here to Stay
Carroll Moseley of Syngenta on AgriTalk
NASDA Plan for Dairy, Pork and Poultry
Farm Progress Show Update - Syngenta
Tips for shopping the entire grocery store
AgriTalk OnLine - Commodity Classic - March 4, 2010
Rob Schrick of Bayer at the Pan-American Weed Resistance Conference
FSA Infrastructure Improvements
Animal Ag Alliance: Be Careful Who You Hire
USDA Press Conference on Rule Changes for Packers and Stockyards Act
Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board Feels Pressure from HSUS Agreement
AgriTalk OnLine - National Farm Machinery Show - February 12, 2010
Mary Kay Thatcher Legislative Update
Ohio Farm Bureau Exec on Animal Rights Groups
Update on storms in Oklahoma
David Martosko Responds to PETA
NCBA Press Confernce on BSE Find
Patriot Sprayers at AgConnect
NPPC: Link Between Antibiotic Resistance and Livestock Not Proven
Was the Video a Setup?
California Egg Producer Suing over Prop 2
Tillage Issues and Horsepower with Case-IH at AgConnect
Howard Buffett on USDA Nutrition Budget Cuts
AgriTalk OnLine at Commodity Classic - Growth Energy
Dominos Delivers Extra Cheese
Abuser and Animal Rights Agent Become Fast Friends
Lee Greenwood
Will Livestock Industry Survive?
AgriTalk OnLine at Commodity Classic - March 5, 2010
Texas Still Pushing to Host NBAF
Chuck Foresman of Syngenta on AgriTalk OnLine
AgriTalk OnLine from Husker Harvest Days
Michigan Livestock Care Bills Move Forward
Lucas on Cap and Trade
Vilsack Outlines Climate Change Bill Benefits
President Obama Energy Speech - Comments on Biofuels
Farmers and Ranchers Alliance Formed
Freeways to Fuel Program
AgriTalk OnLine at Commodity Classic - Rabo AgriFinance
FFA Chapters helping each other
Is the Farmland Bubble About to Burst?
Carmen Haworth of ARA
Changes May Bring California Into Milk Marketing Program
AgriTalk - Jan 12 - Segment 4
Ohio Animal Care Standards Board Proposition Moves Forward
David Pinion - Syngenta AgriTalk OnLine
HSUS Agenda Remains the Same
Concerns About Raw Milk - Dr. Katherine Feldman
Rick Krause of AFBF on Climate Change
Kansas Fighting to Keep NBAF
Former USDA Official: Work to be Done on E Coli
Energy Benefit of Biodiesel is Increasing
BSE Update from Dr. John Clifford
Do Rural Voters Have Enough Info?
MO Legislature Considers Animal Rights Bill
ASA Response to USDA Mediation
Ag Committee Democrats on AgriTalk
Brian Devine of Syngenta
Ag Economist: Hog Losses Will Moderate in Fall/ Winter
USB Chuck Myers on USDA Mediation Proposal
Bruce Blodgett - San Joaquin County CA Farm Bureua
Rob Zemenchik of Case-IH
Reece Langley of USA Rice - Farm Bill Update
Why Haven
Pork Producers Helping American Food Banks
NAWG CEO Darren Coppock Leaving for ARA
Lucas: Ag Should Be Concerned About Food Safety Bill
Vilsack: Calling it Swine Flu has Repurcussions
Frank Lucas: Health Care could delay Farm Bill
AgriTalk Online - January 13, 2010
USDA Sec Vilsack on Senate Farm Bill
Fundamental Changes Coming for Dairy Industry
Mary Kay Thatcher - Farm Bill Update
Glenda Gehl - 4-H
Shawn Potter of Syngenta on AgriTalk
Talking Farm Shows with Matt Jungmann
AgriTalk Anniversary
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Defends Lean Finely Textured Beef
Vilsack: More Pork Purchases in New Fiscal Year
Bryan Walsh of TIME on AgriTalk
AgriTalk Online - Farm Progress Show Day 3
AgConnect Expo
Lucas: Farm Bill Extension Likely, Must Include Direct Payments
Cong. Collin Peterson
Peterson Cals for End of Budget Committee Over Political Games
Senator Jerry Moran moves to block farm child labor regs
December 31 Segment 1
AgriTalk OnLine - Farm Progress Show Day 1
USMEF on Pork Exports to China
Senator Mike Johanns: Supreme Court Takes a Pass on Pesticide Case
National Rural Health Assoc
Threats Associated with Dairy Video
Farmers Feed Us Offering Free Groceries
Vilsack Outlines H1N1 Flu Plans
Pork Herd Reduction Continues to be Slow
AgriTalk - Jan 12 - Segment 3
Segment 5 - Jan 12 - AgriTalk
Chris Galen Responds to Nightline Dairy Story
National Rural Health Assoc. - AgriTalk
AgriTalk OnLine - National Farm Machinery Show - February 10, 2010
Johanns: Farmers Do Not Believe Climate Change Estimates
Halex GT
Jamie Eichorn - Syngenta on AgriTalk
Meatless Mondays at Baltimore Schools
Milk Producers Hail Raw Milk Veto
MN Commissioner Hugoson Pushes for NAIS
Larry Combest on The Hand That Feeds U.S.
Terry Snack from Case-IH
Animal Rights Groups Using Religion to Push Anti-Meat Agenda
NPPC Responds to Governors Request for Assistance
Charlie OBrien of OEM on AgConnect Expo
Animal Rights Activists Could Endager Flu Vaccine Supply
AgriTalk - February 27, 2012