Sep 20, 2014
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An Early Estimate of Corn Yields

August 8, 2012
By: Sara Schafer, Farm Journal Media Business and Crops Editor
8 6 12 MO corn
A farmer from Pike County, Mo., submitted this photo to AgWeb Crop Comments. "This is the best field I have, the rest of corn might make 70 bu./acre.  

2012 corn yields are a mixed bag, according to a recent Farm Journal Pulse.


Farm Journal PulseVariability is the overriding theme with corn yields this year. Drought conditions plague nearly all of the major corn-growing states and only spotty, pop-up showers have provided moisture for the past few months.

In early August, more than 1,600 farmers reported their estimated farm-average corn yields, via the Farm Journal Pulse, a text message poll of farmers and ranchers. Estimates ranged from 0 to 285 bu./acre.

Here’s a breakdown of the results:

• 0-10 bu./acre: 7%

• 11 – 49 bu./acre: 16%

• 50 – 99 bu./acre: 29%

• 100 – 149 bu./acre: 30%

• 150 – 199 bu./acre: 15%

• 200 or more bu./acre: 3%

Based on the interactive Farm Journal Pulse map, and you can see the few garden spots, which have received more rain this growing season and will hopefully equal higher corn yields.  

Pulse 8 2 12

The Word from the Field

This year is definitely one for the corn-growing record books, according to farmer reports from AgWeb Crop Comments. Depending on location, farmers are either seeing zero yields record ones.

A farmer from Chester County, Tenn., reports just beginning corn harvest. "On the first 65 acres we had 59 bu./acre, the next 32 acres we had 62 bu./acre. The yields should improve somewhat, hoping to average 80 bu./acre across the crop."

In DeKalb County, Ind., a farmer reports he was finally brave enough to walk into one of his corn fields. "Oh my – ugly. It will maybe make 15 to 25 bu./acre, if I can get the midget ears in the corn head. I might use the grain head instead."

Huge yield variation will likely play out this year for a farmer in Faribault County, Minn. "did some yield checks and came up with a lot of corn from 130 to 150 bu./acre on the heavy ground and 0 to 130 bu./acre on the hills."

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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

Maroska - Grenfield, IN
Hancock County, IN Chopped corn last week 12.2 bu per acre, other fields not much better.
2:12 PM Aug 13th
Maroska - Grenfield, IN
Hancock County, IN Chopped corn last week 12.2 bu per acre, other fields not much better.
2:11 PM Aug 13th



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