Oct 1, 2014
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Pro Farmer Crop Comments From Across the Belt

May 6, 2013
By: Julianne Johnston, Pro Farmer Digital Managing Editor


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It was another wet week for the Upper Midwest, making us wonder how many more days it will be before producers are able to get back into fields and make active progress.
Where do things stand in your neck of the woods? Send us your location and comments about fieldwork progress (and the lack thereof) by clicking here. Pictures are welcome. We will not publish names.

5/06/13 -- Southwest Ohio: We were able to get about 75% of our corn planted Thursday (5/2) through yesterday (5/5). The ground was in great shape with plenty of moisture. We have not planted any beans. So far today (5/6) we have had 3/4" of rain and it is still raining. We will be sitting a few days.

5/03/13 -- Central Nebraska, Custer County:  Very little planting in our area. Finally have had some rains and snows. It had been extremely dry since last June. Still a lot of catching up to do on moisture. Snow just melted off yesterday. It has been below freezing at night several times this week. It will probably be May 7-10 before it dries out enough to be back in the field. It needs to warm up before anything will germinate, too. What an opposite from 2012!

5/03/13 -- Grundy County, Iowa (northeast): This field was planted earlier this week and now we're waiting on the snow to melt. 3 inches of snow and it's still falling this morning. School two hours delayed on May 3 because of winter weather.


5/02/13 -- Lyon County, Iowa (northwest): We had 6-8 inches of wet heavy snow and half inch of rain and western Lyon county got a inch of snow and a little rain. A very very small amount of people have planted corn. A lot of fertilizer was going on before the snow. Tonight it's going to get to 28 degrees out. In this picture, I am heading south out of Rock Rapids in Lyon county on highway 75.

crop comment

5/02/13 --  SW Minnesota: We've had 8" snow in the last day or so. Our tenant plans to get going early next week with corn if the weekend is dry. That will take four to five days. Then he'll plant beans. He's not too concerned about cold soil moisture at this point. We've had close to inch of precip in the last week. Do you wait for soil to warm or get the seeds in the ground before the next rain? Drought scares to follow.

5/02/13 -- Palo Alto, Kossuth Counties, Iowa: Virtually nothing had been done in the fields before this past weekend (April 27), but activity began on Saturday and picked up by Monday. I applied my NH3, but no more. I did see a few planters running on Monday and Tuesday. I would still put corn planting progress in my immediate area at less than 5%, though. We received quite a bit of wet, heavy snow late yesterday and overnight that made a mess of roads and downed several tree limbs. Schools were closed today (Thursday), and many rural areas were without electricity for a least a few hours today (myself included). Best case scenario gets us back into the field by middle of next week, but that of course is dependent on the weather going forward.

5/01/13 -- West Tennessee: Nothing going on much in West Tennessee. It's very muddy now and 2-3 in. of rain expected tomorrow. Maybe be 10% planted county wide?

4/30/13 -- East Central Kansas: We planted 165 acres corn 3+ weeks ago, it has been cold and very damp, so it is not up yet. Small amount of rain but it just messed around with small showers day after day. They were welcome but not enough to soak down very deep. Our sub-soil is still very dry, and it did hardly nothing for livestock pond water. Many pastures have very limited water starting summer, in this area drought is still very serious even though we cannot plant between all of the small showers. It will not be long before we can plant again, just a few days, unless it rains.

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COMMENTS (8 Comments)

8300 - notrhwood, IA
wondering how heavy snowmobile trraffic will affect corn aalready planted. Never had to worry about snowmobilers in the corn field!
6:10 PM May 3rd
8300 - notrhwood, IA
wondering how heavy snowmobile trraffic will affect corn aalready planted. Never had to worry about snowmobilers in the corn field!
6:10 PM May 3rd
- Russia, OH
April 30 (west central Ohio)
The 5% of the corn that is planted,with all of the cold wet conditions, will their be even 1% left that will not need to be replanted? Do not know of anything planted around here. Soil is still saturated. Forcast- no rain until late Sat.(5/4) temp.in the 70s each day. Maybe can get into fields by Friday.
11:31 AM Apr 30th
deepurple - Hiawatha, KS
Northeast kansas.

We got started planting corn today 4-29. We always try to be done by april 25th. It was too wet in a lot of places but planted anyway. Things will have to go absolutely perfect from here on out to raise a decent crop. The way the forecast looks here with rain tomorrow nite and possible snow on thursday, I am not too optimistic of raising much of a crop of corn this year.
9:24 PM Apr 29th
Randy Burt - Rowan, IA
A very few planters running here in Wright Co. Iowa. Majority of farmers are waiting for this hopefully last cold blast to go through. It's tough letting these good conditions go by. Lets all pray for good wx for next week.
8:22 PM Apr 29th
- Marion, OH
No rain in north central Ohio today and none scheduled until next Sunday. Temps to be high 70's to low 80's Tues thru Sat. We plan on being in the fields early next week w/b 5/6/13. Rotation will remain as planned. Good sub-soil moisture. We're looking for another good year. Eighty degrees will dry the fields in ample time.

8:04 PM Apr 29th
- Claremont, SD
Brown Co. , SD Nothing going on here, maybe some spotty fieldword by the weekend on high ground IF conditions are perfect.
3:49 PM Apr 29th
Alan Washburn - Lamar, MO
Southwestern Missouri. Lamar. Mo. We are getting 2-3 inches a week every week. It will be two weeks before we will able to plant. If it rains like predected it will be another week. we will be past final full isurance corn date. Might switch to beans. might take prevented planting. Might go fishing!​
3:05 PM Apr 29th



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