Sep 22, 2014
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Dan Anderson's Tips on Lock Collars

December 31, 2013
Dan Anderson 102

AgWeb's resident mechanic must have touched a nerve. Since Dan Anderson first blogged about lock collars and bearings in early December, he's been fielding questions left and right. Here, we've compiled all of his tips and tricks about dealing with these sometimes-frustrating parts.


Which Way to Lock a Collar?

Every so often, even the most experienced mechanic has to pause and think for a minute to remember which way to rotate a lock collar to lock it to a bearing.

More About Bearings and Lock Collars

Pounding on a lock collar until it absolutely will not move another fraction of an inch is a great way to crack the eccentric edge of either the bearing race or the lock collar itself.

Dealing with Reverse-Locked Lock Collars

What if a lock collar is locked in the wrong direction during assembly?

Removing Lock Collars from Bearings

It should be a simple process, but it can be one of the more aggravating steps in bearing replacement because the darn things are often rusted and frozen in place after being installed by somebody who did or didn't know the proper way to install them.


Read more shop tips from Dan Anderson.

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COMMENTS (3 Comments)

MarcoAtlarge - Wild Rose, WI
Bearing race is so rusted on the collar could have been gone 10 years ago.
8:01 PM Jan 2nd
freddie goettsch
Wow here is another glue me to my seat lock collar story, is this the best to bedone,, not long ago the same topic was covered.
4:59 PM Jan 2nd
Clockwise to tighten, counter-clockwise to loosen. Just like a bolt. Hasn't failed yet.
11:38 AM Dec 31st



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