Oct 1, 2014
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Explore the Future on the Farm

February 12, 2014

Interactive site previews agriculture in 2025

What would you see if you looked into agriculture’s crystal ball? At first glance, farming’s future might not look that much different than the present. But on closer inspec­tion, you could notice many not-so-subtle changes and new technologies. We invite you to tour our virtual farm and find out what trends might be coming.


Robotic milking is ushering in a new era for dairies—and for cows. With robotic milking, cows decide when they want to be milked. In the slideshow, "How Robotic Milking is Revolutionizing Dairies," take a visual tour of this amazing technology.


Drones solve a perennial industry problem—getting a handle on the progress of crops deep in fields. With the in-depth report, "Send in the Drones," you’ll read about the strategic possibilities that drones present. From universities to farmers and drone manufacturers, many believe that agriculture could be the biggest domestic oppor­tunity for commercial drones.


Farmers are already collecting important data about the productivity of their fields and seeds, often with the help of vendors who have a vested interest in the results. The question for the future is: Who will control all of this data? Ag futurist Rich Kottmeyer shares his views and expertise in the video, "Big Data on the Farm."


Time is money—and equipment downtime costs you both time and money. In the future, technical support will need to become faster and more efficient for all the machines on your farm. In "Remote Tractor Troubleshooting," you’ll learn what new technologies and money-saving adjustments will help you stay up and running longer.


Big changes in farming will also come from simple devices. In the video, "Health Diagnostics in the Palm of Your Hand," futurist Lowell Catlett tells us that advanced smartphone apps will help cattlemen identify animal diseases on the spot and communicate in real time with vets. Thanks to cloud technology, ranchers will have a world of information in the palms of their hands.

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FEATURED IN: Farm Journal - Mid-February 2014

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