Ohio Crops Not Bulletproof: Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour

August 20, 2013 04:57 AM

Ohio crops were expected to be some of the best on this year's Tour, but scouts found themselves feeling a little let down.

AgDay's Tyne Morgan reports:


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See full coverage of the 2013 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour, hosted by Pro Farmer.

Farmers throughout the United States can participate online by entering their own corn measurements into Pro Farmer’s Virtual Crop tool. Available online during Crop Tour week, each participant will get a personalized yield estimate, expanding Midwest Crop Tour participation to corn growers nationwide.

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8/21/2013 12:52 AM

  Rock Katschnig Henry county , Illinois . Had potential for a very good crop ! Received less than 1.5 since June . Lighter soils pretty well gone . Even April planted corn behind on maturity . Beans will be very disappointing without rain soon .