Sep 21, 2014
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Only Farm Journal Represents Farm Journal

March 22, 2014
By: Charlene Finck, Farm Journal Editor
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Thanks to our loyal reader family, we have been alerted that there are activities in the countryside—both in person and by mail—where individuals or entities are misrepresenting themselves as being part of or affiliated with Farm Journal when they are not. Knowing that many of your families have been readers for generations, please know the following:

  • Farm Journal employees always prearrange visits to your farm. We arrive as planned with a handshake and business card. Under no circum­stances do we arrive unannounced or without sharing full identification.
  • We do not sell magazine subscriptions—or anything else—door to door, so no one from Farm Journal will ever drive up to your farm on a solicitation visit.
  • Members of the Farm Journal team periodically reach out to you via email, U.S. mail or telephone to verify your address and subscription information so that we can better serve you. 
  • We have taken—and will continue to take—every action to stop the misrepresentation.
  • If someone comes to your farm indicating they are affiliated with Farm Journal, please let us know. (See the information below.)
Several of our readers have recently received renewal or new subscription notices from a company called Associated Publishers Network based out of Henderson, Nev. We have no association with this company and have not authorized it to sell subscriptions for any of our publications. 

According to complaints to the Better Business Bureau, the Associated Publishers Network operates under the following company names: National Magazine Services, United Publishers Clearing House, Orbital Publishing and Publisher’s Billing Exchange.

Not only is Associated Publishers Network trying to sell new subscriptions or renewals, but it is trying to do so at inflated rates. Farm Journal’s subscription rates are:

  • 12 months: $26.95
  • 24 months: $43.95

If you would like to subscribe or renew your subscription to Farm Journal or any of our other publications, contact Farm Journal Reader Services. (See information below.)

We certainly apologize for any inconvenience these situations create and appreciate you being our partner in putting a stop to these activities. Please alert your neighbors in case they miss this notice. Many thanks.

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