Sep 16, 2014
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Planting Tip #2: Meet Your Volt Needs

March 30, 2011
By: Dan Anderson, Farm Journal Columnist

Dan Anderson, “In the Shop” blogger and Farm Journal columnist, has taken part in nearly 40 planting season as a farmer or equipment dealership mechanic.

He advises that you shouldn’t let the excitement of getting in the field for the first time each spring provoke planting mistakes that jeopardize yields from the get-go.
Here’s today’s first-day planting mistake. (Check back for the next few days to find his full top 10 list of planting mistakes.)

Electronic systems require at least 12.5 volts and a good ground. Use a voltmeter to make sure the last electrical connector before a console has at least 12.5 volts on the power pin. Connect ground wires for electronic consoles all the way back to the negative post on the battery.

Scraping the paint off a monitor bracket for a grounding point is risky for modern systems, which often operate internally on as little as 4 volts.

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