Oct 2, 2014
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Recent Rains Help Improve Drought Conditions

August 16, 2012
drought soil

High temperatures subsided in many areas of the Midwest last week, which helped to alleviate drought levels.


This U.S. Drought Monitor week saw a few notable improvements and some serious degradation. One storm dumped much needed rain through the Midwest improving the drought conditions there from Iowa through Ohio.

Other areas, such as the Southern and Central Plains, were not as lucky and continued to dry out. Another changed that helped alleviate the drought in some locations was the easing of the heat.

08 16 12 DrMon


Many areas from the Midwest to the South saw highs in the 80°s F this week instead of the 100°s F they had been experiencing. As of last week, 87% of the U.S. corn crop, 85% of soybeans, 63% of hay, and 72% of cattle areas were experiencing drought. Over half of the corn and soybean areas are experiencing Extreme (D3) to Exceptional (D4) Drought. This has led to both reduced yields and earlier harvests.


The Southeast: Rains in the Southeast this helped to improve drought conditions through Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. Exceptional Drought (D4) was eradicated in Alabama and reduced in Georgia while Extreme (D3), Severe (D2), and Moderate (D1) Drought were all reduced, as was Abnormal Dryness (D0. Minor changes were made improving Abnormal Dryness (D0) in parts of the south, and expanding Abnormal Dryness (D0) in the north of North Carolina.

The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: Most of this area received enough precipitation that drought conditions held status quo with minor reductions in Abnormal Dryness (D0) in Maine.

The South and Southern Plains: In Oklahoma, large swaths of Exceptional Drought (D4) were introduced as the impact of the lack of rain and hot temperatures parched the state’s soil moisture. Texas also saw minor deterioration of conditions with the expansion of Extreme Drought (D3) in the south, Severe Drought (D2) in areas of the center and north, and in Moderate Drought (D1) in the west. In Louisiana, Severe Drought (D3) expanded in the north.

The Central and Northern Plains and Midwest: Widespread rains in the Midwest alleviated some D1-D4 Drought as well as Abnormal Dryness (D0) in a swath from central Iowa, across northern and central Illinois and Indiana, and into western Ohio and southern Michigan. North and South Dakota also experienced beneficial precipitation, alleviating Abnormal Dryness (D0).

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