Sep 22, 2014
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Robots Find a Home on Wisconsin Farms

June 24, 2013
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By Brian Holmes, University of Wisconsin

Brian Holmes provides a look at the modern farm and explains how robotic milkers work.

3:06 – Total Time

0:19 – Robots milking Wisconsin cows
0:57 – Information is management
1:31 – What to consider if you use robots
2:00 – Robots save labor
2:26 – Monitor cow cud chewing
2:54 – Lead out


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Sevie Kenyon: Brian, can you give us an idea what new technologies are being used on the modern farm?

Brian Holmes: We now have machines that will actually milk the cow automatically- robotic milking is starting to take hold in Wisconsin. Basically, the cow comes to the machine, presents herself, the machine senses she’s there, they know who it is, they can identify that cow by a transponder, machine will find her teats and prepare the teats for milking. And then put the milking unit on, sense when milking is done, and remove the milking unit. Cow gets fed in this automatic milking system.

Sevie Kenyon: What else do these machines do for the dairy farmer?

Brian Holmes: Well, they’re able to tell you how many times a day she’s being milked, and if there’s anything out of the ordinary with the milk- they can sense some of these things as well. And if for some reason her milk production goes down dramatically, they will notify the producer that something is out of the ordinary here and they should take a look at that cow to see if there’s an illness or cow’s not eating feed properly or something like that.

Sevie Kenyon: What are some of the things a dairy farmer must think about if he wants robotic milkers taking care of his cows?

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