Sep 17, 2014
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SIMA Innovation Award Winners Announced

December 6, 2010

SIMA 2011 will take place Feb. 19 to 27 in Paris, France. Learn more here. Thirty-three products were recognized by the Innovation Awards. Here are the three gold medal winners.  

Case IH: System for automatically synchronizing 2 vehicles

Boosting productivity is a priority for Case IH, and this has resulted in their developing Efficient Power technology, as well as the AFS - or the "Advanced Farming System”. The V2V ("Vehicle to Vehicle" system for remotely controlling 2 vehicles) is a revolutionary technological application of this system. The V2V makes it possible to synchronize 2 working vehicles, with a single driver. For example, the driver of a combine harvester can also control the movement of the tractor/bucket assembly in order to empty the hopper, using a Wi-Fi or ZigBee connection to link the two vehicles. The travelling speed and steering of the second coupling can now be controlled, for the first time, by the "master machine". The system can be used for all operations, harvesting in particular, which involve two vehicles have to operate in a synchronized fashion. The result is direct gains in productivity.


Irrifrance: Title Electric sprinkler for pivots and ramps

This pivot sprinkler includes a rotary feature which is controlled by a very small electric motor.

The innovation lies in the rotational function given by the water's force which generates significant pressure loss being dissociated from the release of water required for spraying, leaving all of the original pressure available in the jet's range, thus increasing it significantly.

The aim is to provide optimal water distribution at the far ends of the pivots and ramps by reducing the instantaneous application rate as much as possible, eliminating the risk of damage and of the ground being warped through subsidence and run-off, and by controlling the intensity of the water supply.

The reduction in the amount of pressure required leads to water and energy savings (fall in costs/hectare), more efficient irrigation and fertigation, and a more effective supply of plant care products. At the same time, the risks to the environment are reduced (excess water running off into rivers or water tables) and the pivot ends do not get clogged up.


John Deere: ISOBUS communications system for automating harvesting operations

The first applications that use the ISOBUS communications protocol are a major technological leap for controlling machines and carrying out operations, particularly in harvesting: 

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