Sep 23, 2014
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Technology: Smart Trap

August 24, 2013
By: Margy Eckelkamp, Director of Content Development, Machinery Pete
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Camera and phone team up to cage feral hogs 

In an effort to better control invasive feral hogs, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation developed the BoarBuster trap that can be remotely triggered via smartphone.

Typical box traps and corral traps have a limited success rate, but the BoarBuster is a hybrid of corral traps and drop nets. Hogs are baited underneath a suspended metal cage that is dropped when the sounder (group of hogs) is under its frame. An infrared camera provides a live video feed.

"A sounder usually consists of two to three adult females, their young and sometimes two or three boars," says Josh Gaskamp, a researcher at the Noble Foundation in Ardmore, Okla.

"When the camera detects motion under the trap, I receive a text message. I log onto the system and can watch the live video stream until it’s the best time to drop the trap," Gaskamp says. "I push an icon and the corral drops to entrap the animals."

The BoarBuster has shown to be effec­tive at capturing 88% of the identifiable wild hog population and has captured up to 39 hogs at one time.

The Noble Foundation is seeking a partner to license the patent-pending trap for resale. 

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To watch a video on how the BoarBuster works and a second video of the trap in action, visit

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FEATURED IN: Farm Journal - September 2013

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