Sep 16, 2014
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The Latest News on the MF Global Bankruptcy Filing

November 4, 2011


News and Reports

As markets prepare to open Sunday night, there are more questions that answers about the MF Global transfer of positions.
Knee-Jerk Action and Reactions Hold Markets Flat

The MF Global bankruptcy knocked the market off-balance to start the week. Conflicting fundamentals never let grains regain momentum.



What Happens Now as MF Global Funds Transfer

Jerry Gulke explains how the process works with the transfer of funds in MF Global trading acocunts, and how that will impact farmers who have accounts there. 


You could say that it was almost like this week did not even exist. However, the clients and employees at the commodity trading firm MF Global would strongly disagree.


Little good fundamental news, coupled with unknowns from Europe and MF Global bankruptcy leaves markets flat this week.



Follow MF Global Developments on Twitter

MF Global accounts are moving to new clearing houses today, but it's not expected to be smooth. Follow updates from traders and the financial community here.


A portion of the positions held by MF Global clients have been released, but Pete Meyer expects massive margin calls this afternoon following the market close.


Scale of MF Global Bankruptcy Remains To Be Seen

Many questions surround the availability of trading funds from MF Global account holders.


Audio: CME Alleges MF Global Transferred Funds After Audit

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