Sep 22, 2014
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Trick Your Farm Truck

January 7, 2012
By: Sara Brown, Farm Journal Livestock and Production Editor
Trick your farm truck   1

Put functionality into every corner of your pickup

Quick Bed Unload

The Loadhandler uses a heavy-gauge poly fabric rolled onto a steel bar the length of the tailgate to easily unload cargo from the bed. A handle on the end of the roller bar brings forward the fabric and unloads the cargo as it is cranked. Fits full-size pickup beds and trailers. Price: $169.99. Contact: Loadhandler Products; (800) 580-0791;

Trick your farm truck   2

Feed on the Go

Ranchers who drive a flatbed pickup will find the Tarter cube feeder ideal for portable feeding. The 4" motorized auger can be adjusted from the cab with a rope pull. A stand for regular bed mounting is available. Price: 1,200-lb., $1,457; 1,800-lb., $1,731. Contact: Tarter Farm and Ranch; (800) 733-4283;

Trick your farm truck   3

Computer in the Cab

Turn your work truck into an office with a laptop stand from Jotto Desk. It offers an easy way to use your laptop computer while in the field or pasture. The adjustable two-piece stand connects under the passenger seat without drilling. The arm easily swings for driver or passenger use. Price: $340. Contact: Diversified Products; (866) 698-8103;

Trick your farm truck   4

Trick your farm truck   5Keep It Separate

ProGrip’s Quick Lock Cargo Bar #900912 uses an adjustable 44" to 72" frame with a hand pump that extends the length 1" to 2" with each pump. This design allows you to extend the bar to the desired length of the pickup bed, then "pump" to the desired tightness for secure hold. The bar is ideal for preventing cargo from sliding around in the back of your truck or trailer. It comes fully assembled and ready to use. The handles can fold up when not in use. Price: $37.99 at many retailers. Contact: ProGrip;


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FEATURED IN: Farm Journal - January 2012
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Jeannette Goldsmith - Houston, TX
I like the idea of Quick Bed Unload to unload the truck, it is very easy, requires less efforts and most important, looks very simple to installation and and hope cheap too.
Used Trucks
4:07 AM Feb 29th



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