Sep 19, 2014
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Western Indiana Looks Like ‘Sweet-Spot’ for Yields

August 20, 2014
By: Betsy Jibben, Ag Day TV National Reporter

USDA has predicted Indiana to be one of the nation’s hot-spots, producing over the nation’s national yield average in both corn and soybeans.

AgDay National Reporter, Betsy Jibben has a full report.

Indiana had a record year last year and some feel a record-breaking yield isn’t out of the question again. Scouts say crops west of U.S. 31 into Central Illinois just might be the best in the country.

"That’s got to be 220. Oh it’s going to be big," said Peter Meyer, PIRA Energy Research Group Senior Directof Agricultural Commodities.

Farmers in Western Indiana have hit gold.

"I’m sure Indiana farmers are calling it God Country," said Meyer.

USDA has predicted both corn and soybean crops won’t just be above the national average, but record-breaking crops. PIRA Energy Group’s Peter Meyer says moisture and timely rains played a big part.

"There is absolutely no heat stress at all. We see tip back but that’s normal. There is nothing to worry about," said Meyer.

Meyer said the corn crop was planted on time but some crops look a little late because of early season rain.

"I would like to see crops mature but with moisture content here. I’m not worried. Beans are the same," said Meyer.

He said high yields will still occur due to the moisture sitting in the ground.

"We are probably looking at stuff that’s going to back layer. That will maybe happen at the end of September, early October. It has enough moisture to finish out," said Meyer.

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cornman - Scott City, KS
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