Sep 14, 2014
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December 2008 Archive for AgDay Inbox

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on AgDay. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

A Worthy Rescue?

Dec 23, 2008
Dear Agday,
As a loyal viewer, I try to start my day with AgDay whenever I can.  Today's episode featured a man rescuing a deer from "certain death" that was stranded on ice in the middle of a lake.  While this made for interesting viewing, I was quite surprised that AgDay would participate in airing such a story.  First of all, most farmers I know would be glad if there was one less deer around to eat and trample their crops.  While people might feel this was a good deed, what about the coyotes or bald eagles that missed out on this meal during a cold and miserable time of year.  Was this the difference between life and death for one of them?  Mother Nature intended for this deer to die, and she is never wrong.
However, more importantly I think, is that stories such as this play into the humanization of animals.  This is something I have been seeing more and more in the media.  I have seen animal abuse and rescue stories gain more attention than if the same thing had happened to humans.  I feel that this mindset diminishes humanity.  As a livestock producer, I fear the humanization of animals because it seems to be part of the process of turning public opinion against livestock production in this country.  The animal rights movement seems to be gaining more power all the time.  Their ideas become more plausible when animals are viewed similarly to humans.
Thanks for the opportunity to vent, and I will continue to be a loyal viewer.
Derek England
Edina, Missouri

The Label Debate

Dec 17, 2008

I picked up some beef at the local chain store Supermarket. When I checked the labeling for country of origin it said "US Canada Mexico".  Is that how it is supposed to work?  I wanted to see U.S. - not the continent it came from. We may as well add Brazil, Argentina and a few more.

Mike Gray

Paola, KS...US...Mexico...Canada


Cow Tax Debate

Dec 11, 2008
In regards to news story this morning and interview with Senator Charles Grassley about proposed EPA charging farmers  for gases released by cattle...........I went to but could not find any info so I could submit comments. How can they even think of expecting payment for animals doing only what is natural part of their life??????????????????? I have heard of dumb government ideas before but this one takes the cake of stupidity.
Elna Clikeman

Editor's Note:  Click on the link below for background on the proposed legislation as well as detailed directions for submitting a comment:

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