Sep 20, 2014
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January 2009 Archive for AgDay Inbox

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on AgDay. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

Is Gregg Hunt Crazy???

Jan 29, 2009
The comments of Gregg Hunt on Wed. Jan 27th were shocking. His proposal to significantly raise the Federal gas tax would forestall any chance of economic recovery.
Mr. Hunt threw the Free Market under the bus in favor of socialism. Hundreds of millions of dollars in ethanol subsizes prove the idea is wrong. Witness Vera Suns condition! Man made global warming is a hoax. How far is Mr. Hunt willing to go inorder to save a dying industry?
It was a shameful display of market analysis!
Joe Polunc
Colgone, MN 
Dear AgDay,
The main reason I am writing is to give you my reaction to Greg Hunt's commentary this morning.  Does he understand what a tax increase on fuel would do to the American Farmer? The farmer needs fuel and many times has no choice on the amount of consumption that he needs to produce a crop. I am in favor in being responsible, but we need less government not more. I hope that in your reporting you will give an alternative opinion on how to solve the energy crisis. Thank you and have a great day.
Brian Janssen
Byron, IL

***Editor's Note:  Gregg Hunt will appear on the February 7-8 edition of U.S. Farm Report and will speak to this issue can also watch his analysis on the February 9th edition of AgDay...

Are GMO's Bad News?

Jan 14, 2009
Why GMO’s are Bad News:
   It's about the current state of affairs regarding Genetically modified organisms, their development and regulatory approval, and how we are made intrinsically…we are all born with a selfish streak.
1.  In spite of our fallibility and mistakes, we overestimate how smart we are. Because of our accomplishments, we believe that our intellect and reasoning ability will eventually solve all the worlds problems and make this place a paradise.
2.  We bristle when our wills and agendas our limited in any way, at any time and often possess  a sense of entitlement.
3.  When called to sacrifice for others we often become indignant.
4.  We think that the next incremental gain of money or power will finally satisfy us. The more wealth and power we have the more we tend to lord it over others instead of serving them.
5.  We can get attached to transitory material things and can be bought.
6.  When something is benefiting us we do not like to entertain the notion that it could be unjust or against the common good. When is the last time you saw proponents of GMOs lead the charge in discussing the subject with opponents on national TV or any other forum for that matter?
7.  We are attracted to expediency and are masters at  rationalization  and self –justification.
8.  Those of us in government when called to do the right thing, take leadership, establish right order, and the ascendancy of the common good often succumb to laziness or fear.
9. Our bodies, the human cell, our immune system are extremely complex, and will never be completely understood. The effects of our dietary patterns stay hidden for years
    We have been tinkering with our food for over 50 years for efficiency and marketing sake. Goods like food  wholesomeness ,the environment ,animal welfare, widespread ownership of property aren’t talked about much. We now have mad cow disease, autism coming out of nowhere, super bugs in hospitals, trans fats causing heart disease, cancer cases set to double in 20 years (KMPH news Fresno 12-16-08) to name a few.
  The public agencies in charge of protecting us (FDA, SEC you name it) have morphed into fox guarding the hen house travesties, with moneyed interests stacking the deck for themselves
Suggestions for farmers and farm organizations:
A.  Support a moratorium on GMOs We can get new varieties from our universities without gene insertion or silencing
B.  Quit standing behind the FDA, like it is just and thorough. This is dishonest. Thinking about our upcoming appointment with the real owner who is infinite truth should make doing this easy.
C.  Support anti-trust enforcement against the major corporations that buy our commodities and supply our inputs.
D.  Support reform that gets the corrupting influence of these companies and their money out of our government and academia to protect the public
E.  Give activists more eloquent than me like Mark Kastel Cornucopia Institute, Jeffrey Smith Institute for Responsible Technology, Dr Arpad Pusztai or any one else speaking the truth the time of day.

John Coelho
Terra Linda Farms

Dry Days in Texas

Jan 09, 2009

   In our area of Goliad County,Texas we have had less than an inch of rain in over 120 days. Our region is under a bad drought, forcing us to feed a lot of hay. The ponds are dry, the grass is gone, and the input costs are too high to maintain many cattle on our land. Despite low prices at the auction barn we hauled 1/3 of our cattle to market today. It is easier to take the loss at the market than to continue the expense of a maintaining the herd until the rain returns.

Roy Boyd
Goliad, TX

Biotech Debate

Jan 08, 2009
Leave wheat alone.  The only ones to benefit from genetically  enhanced wheat are: 1 grain handlers as they charge for volume, 2 the seed company  who owns the trait, 3 equipment company as the combine and truck will wear out faster.  The loser: the wheat farmer, as happened with soybeans and corn, you double the production and cut the price with so much product. 
Ed Larson
Milan, Kansas
Sumner County (nation's top producing wheat county)


Good morning!  I saw you story about moving toward genetically engineered cotton and wheat.  This would be a big mistake. What I seen in the years since the advent of genetically engineered corn is not good. The first warning I saw was when a friend used it for the first time. It was his practice to put his herd of horses out to graze in the cornfield after harvesting. He had done this for many years. The year he used genetically engineered corn, the horses refused to eat it!!! You see, horses are smarter that people.

Also, if you would contact most any vet, you would find that there has been a dramatic increase in the cases of allergies to corn since this new corn has come on the market. I suspect that you probably would see that in people as well, although we do not eat as much corn as goes into dog food.

This is not the direction we should be going! Making money is fine, but not at the expense of our health. No long-term testing has been done on these products. If it had, I believe we would see that these crops are not as safe as the creators would like us to think. Their interest is in making money at any cost!

Sharon Andersen
Custer, S.D.

A Winter Scene

Jan 06, 2009
   This is Herman and Cletis Kauk from Wishek, North Dakota.  We wanted to share this Wintry photo with you taken Jan 4, 2009 on our farm here at Wishek. You may want to share this with the viewers. We love watching AGDAY. We love feeding the pheasants.

Working Out With AgDay

Jan 06, 2009
Dear AgDay Team,
Your story on people using the new year to make a change in their health, and get into better shape, reminded me about the workout incentive AgDay brings to me each and every day.  When I see Scott Kinrade I tell myself that I cannot let that good looking devil be in better shape then me.  So most day’s I do a workout while keeping up to date.
Many thanks to the whole AgDay team on keeping it current and relevant.
To your success,
Edd Goerger
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