Oct 1, 2014
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October 2009 Archive for AgDay Inbox

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Ground Compaction

Oct 29, 2009
I am a farmer in his late 50's.I grew up being told not to drive on the fields because it compacted it too much,yet no till promotes this, why? If you constantly drive over ground and not plow it to loosen it won't this ground get so hard over time that seeds will not be able to root deeply?

Stoney Acres Sheep Dairy, Competition,MO.

Al's Response:

Hi Rick,
You are correct! Driving tractors and machinery over the fields will compact the soil. That is exactly the reason no till works. Before no-till farmers would start by plowing the field, then disc, harrow, plant, cultivate (three or four times), then harvest. Total 6 to 8 times over the field. With two or four row equipment this was a lot of compaction. With larger equipment, like 8 row up, and only going over the field to plant, then harvest (two times) compaction is reduced. No need to cultivate with chemical weed control.

So that is my answer. Personally I haven't used a mole-board plow on my farm since 1988.


Oct 28, 2009
Precip numbers as a percentage of normal from the beginning of October to the 24th for the US:

Illinois 259%

Iowa 244%

Indiana 206%

Minnesota 278%

Nebraska 182%

Missouri 244%

Ohio 151%

Wisconsin 215%

Michigan 163%

Kentucky 229%

Tennessee 214%

Arkansas 258%

Kansas 160%

Oklahoma 130%

Texas 99%

South Dakota 212%

North Dakota 142%

It’s no wonder why report of more disease, mold, and damage is showing up, along with lighter test weights being reported to the west & northwest portion of the corn belt.

Crop Size has ultimately been reduced because of it, but the question remains “what was the crop size”? We may never really get an accurate count considering how late crops will get harvested, without any crop insurance claims relative to yields, and what will the harvested acres be???

Patrick C. O`Meara
Vice President - Operations
ProPartners Financial

The Cost of DDG's

Oct 22, 2009
   Today (10/22/09) you had a speculator suggesting that we would not feed as much corn as they can feed DDG. I had an engineer tell me that at least one ethanol plant in Wisconsin is burning their DDG to reduce the cost of natural gas. I do not know how common this practice is, but it counters the argument that ethanol does remove food from the system. Maybe you can research this.
   Also here in Northern Wisconsin DDG is more expensive than corn as we have to "import" it from the south, it hasn't been a cost reducer for me at least. Maybe Cargill will buy less to feed hogs, but the rest of us will be feeding our corn.

Stan Ford

Rebirth of an Allis Chalmers

Oct 19, 2009
Kevin Moffett is the 22 year old son of Steve Moffett, a long-time friend of ours in Memphis MO. He made this slideshow of his work in restoring his grandfather's Allis Chalmers D17 tractor. The Allis Chalmers name has played a long and important role in this family as Kevin's great-grandfather (Alva Wayne Moffett) and grandfather (Troy Wayne Moffett) owned and operated the Allis Chalmers tractor dealership in Memphis for many years. Steve and Kevin continue to farm much of the original Moffett farm acquired by Alva Moffett.

I am sending a link to Kevin's slide show in the hopes that you will choose to include Kevin and the story of his tractor in one of your segments.


Bill & Deb Herring
Milnor ND


Oct 16, 2009
I would like to see C.O.O.L. on all products, it supports my friends, neighbors and country. I have a small farm in Northwest ILL.

Thank You
Bill Rosemeier
Pearl City ILL

Viewer Crop Comments

Oct 13, 2009
   Greetings from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Over the weekend 10/10 we had 11 inches of snow, temps in the teens and wind chill single digits.  Keep up the good work never miss the shows...great info.
Bart Klipstein

   Normally our cotton farmers in West Tennessee start picking in September. Today is October the 13th and our cotton gin in Mercer, Tennessee hasn't cranked up yet. What's going on ? Is it the rain or something else?
 Thank you,
Wade Brown

   This is Roger Dustmann from Bunker Hill in Macoupin County, IL.  In the last 24 hours (late last week) it has rained a little over five inches and is still raining.  Corn and soybeans are about 1/3 mature...there is still some green corn to chop for silage.
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