Sep 14, 2014
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November 2009 Archive for AgDay Inbox

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on AgDay. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

Farming in the Future

Nov 19, 2009

As a young man interested in farming full time, there are sometimes few opportunitties to start, limited capital and land availability are two huge hurdles, especially for young people. Are there any resources to help young people start, and or are there ways to match young men and women up with seasoned farmers who are looking for someone to take over their operation when they decide to retire? I heard about a website once but I do not know where to find that. Any information would help. I do watch your show everyday, whether I watch it when it's on, or I record it on my DVR.  Thank you for your time.


A Slow, Slow Harvest

Nov 17, 2009
    It was very nice to have the last two weeks of good weather to harvest corn with. But all of the great weather can do no good if the elevator shuts down at noon every day and sometimes won't open at all for the day. When all you can do is run for four hours before they shut you off, all of the great weather won't matter. Last Saturday, one of the local elevators shut down at 10 am.  Time you got your Friday afternoon loads unloaded, you were done. Ours ran to 1;00 pm Saturday and then was not to be open at all Monday.
Michael Rust
Woodford County, IL

Dairy Debate

Nov 16, 2009

   Listening this week, there was a story from Tennesse regarding the nutrition value of milk.  As someone who has always loved milk, I have some theories.  I would love to know if you can find some answers. 
   Has the nutritional value been seriously degraded by the ultra-pasteurization?  Is there any connection to the increase in children who are allergic to milk products and the recent move to ultra-pasteurization? There is no true improvement in shelf life - I have to throw it away due to getting old (slimy or chuncky) long before the stamped date on the jug, often with 10 days of "shelf" life remaining!  Are fewer children drinking milk because of the taste of it (more bland)?  Why are so many children now having so many food allergies? School menus have finally started to improve again, after a 20-year move away from nutrition and towards vending machines.   Now, the menus are being limited by what ingredients are safe for those who suffer from allergies. Can you really ever de-sensitize a child?  Would we all be better off if the ultra-pasteurization was discontinued?  I love your program.
Mary Mulligan

More Livestock Markets...Please...

Nov 13, 2009
   I am a fan of AgDay and watch it everday, but I have a question. Why is it you all give some much time to grains and hardly any market news on cattle and other livestock?  I am a producer from Kentucky with a cow/calve operation and looking for help. All I have heard all year long was about this crop.  What about livestock producers?  We do not receive checks in the mail like row crop growers.  We do not have price supports like LDPs or crop insurance.  We have to make it on the price and management to stay afloat.  Last year we took a hit, and this year we look like another one is coming.
   We work with UK and KY Beef Network to market source and age cattle.  Since corn prices have gone up in the last four years we have had one major drought, buying $80 roll hay from Oklahoma, feed high price feeds and lose money doing it. Having to watch cattle herds be sold of in the area, because grain farmers paying high rents just to get land. (Some is holding the earth together, and in dry years will be nothing but a insurance check to growers.) I guess what I am saying is give the livestock producers some advice on your show.  After all if we go out of business grains will be worth 1/2 as much.
    I work in the Ag industry and I work with a lot of grain producers.  I feel like the USDA should make it where if they pay supports all producers in all commodities get a check.  We have to remember we have the cheapest and best food of anywhere in the world.  But, if we lose any one of the groups they all are effected negatively.
    I am not venting, I would like for AgDay show more attention to cattle, hog, poultry, and dairy.
Thanks I look forward to more of these items in future shows.
Brock Sargeant

Farm Rescue Story

Nov 12, 2009
I was watching your show the other day when you featured a farmer with cancer who was being helped out by a farm rescue program. The story touched my heart because of a very recent personal experience and I wanted to share it with you. On July 3rd my husband was injured in a farming accident and later died on the 14th of July. He was a farmer of nearly 600 acres which he managed all aspects of on his own. Multiple farmers and business men in our community came together and helped with every aspect of harvesting the crop and taking care of machinery sells etc. I just wanted to let you know that even when there's not an organization to organize such a wonderful outpouring of compassion that living in a rural community
works just as well.  I could never thank all the people who have helped us through this difficult time enough but I did feel that I needed to share my story with you as an acknowledgment to all their hard work to see that my children and I survive this awful crisis that has been thrust upon us.

Sincerely, Rikke Curtis

A Couple Comments...

Nov 06, 2009
*Comment #1:
   The TV show "Bones" had a Peta/HSUS (Humane Society) overtone to it tonight (11-5-09). They blatantly attacked chicken and pig farms . Ohio voted in Prop 2 just in time . The ag industry as a whole needs to be prime time just like the switch flippers in the city . If they don't like how their food is grown now , wait till they get ag legislated out of business and they're subsistence comes from a third world country . Lord knows they care about your safety . 
Bruce Wright

*Comment #2:
   I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the interview with the older gentleman this morning.  He was just like my father, when that new baby calf hit the ground it was the greatest joy in the world to him.  My father was a real active person, until parkinson took over.  He could no longer eat or drink (had a feeder tube), but we still loaded him in the front seat of the van (it had a lift for his wheel chair but we loaded him in front seat).  Anyway couldn't left his arm or hand,  but we would drive out into the pasture, Mike (my husband) would grab up a new baby bring it to dad, hold up his hand and let him pet that new baby wonder.  He would grin ear to ear, he couldn't talk, but you could see the great joy in his eyes and face.  Dad suffered for over 10 years, it was horrible,  but the way he looked at that baby reminded me of the gentleman you had on today.  The way he talked about the new calves.  I put for an effort to wake up to watch your show, I think that was the best interview ever, I am still weeping thinking about that show and how me reminded me of my dad.  Thank you very much for sharing that with us this morning. 
Carolyn Trail

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Nov 02, 2009
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