Sep 16, 2014
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March 2009 Archive for AgDay Inbox

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A Dairy Debate

Mar 25, 2009
Dear Scott and the AgDay Team,

On AgDay I have been following the problems facing dairy producers with much interest. The situation is totally unjust for both producers and retail consumers, at least in this part of the West.  While prices paid to producers have declined markedly, the costs for dairy products paid by retail consumers either have remained relatively steady or have even increased.  One example is dried milk - about eighteen months ago the retail price for a four pound box was $7.99 in one local store, and now it is $13.99, having just increased from $12.99.  Costco charges about $0.50 per pound less.  The original excuse for the price rise was the increase in fuel prices last year, but with their decline to low levels now there has been no subsequent relief in retail prices. The same situation applies to fluid milk products and to items such as ice cream, and to almost everything which originates from agricultural enterprises, including meat. There has been no general decline in meat prices for the past year and a half, for another example.

Companies apart from producers and consumers must be making astronomical profits.  I hope that AgDay will pressure state legislatures and Congress to investigate this situation and to pass remedial legislation. The "free market" concept clearly is not working here.  One possible solution might be the establishment of a producers-retailers cooperative, or something similar.

Yours sincerely,
Jim Hansen
Brookings, Oregon

The Dust Debate

Mar 02, 2009
  First off...WELCOME to RFD-TV!!! Now about the dust.....buncha id-gitz!!! I wrote the EPA about their favorable decision. The fact that it went to the Supreme Court is embarrassing. Mainly because they didn't have to do anything but show up to win. The American Farm Bureau came and had experts, studies, charts and the whole nine yards. But none of this evidence was considered. Mostly because the EPA was a government agency, and you know how right the government they think.
   I believe it boils down to appearance....some high class social type might have went for a drive while talking on his overpriced cellular phone. Probably went into a dead zone. Stopped his overpriced, fuel guzzling, shiny, 4-wheeled drive SUV that has never been off a paved road. Stepped out of the vehicle to regain service on the phone. While moving about some dust from a nearby farm drifted his way, soiling his designer outfit and got him a bit dusty. OHH the horror!!
 He then get back to civilization and starts calling his or her legislative representatives. What a tragedy, it should be illegal!!  Buncha Id-gitz!!
   If these tree huggin-bunny lovin-organic buyin-carbon credit buyin would consider that the same dust that soiled their clothes is the same stuff that grows their food. BUT these are the types that would rather have food brought in from other countries that have their clothes get dirty. Don't they realize the air quality in their suburban areas is far more polluting than the rural settings that produce the food in the markets?? Buncha Id-gitz.. Maybe the American Farmer should quit sending food to these folks, mainly because it was produced in the same environment and there may be residual material within and they have deemed it harmful?
  Keep up the GREAT work and Thank All those involved in the production of such a GREAT show.

Yall have a Gud-Un now,
James Heath
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