Sep 22, 2014
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May 2009 Archive for AgDay Inbox

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on AgDay. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

Rare Breeds

May 29, 2009
As the owner of one of the satellite herds of Pineywoods cattle Mary Pennick spoke of, I was thrilled to see your feature on them on Ag Day. Education and awareness of rare breeds and their plight is one of the most critical steps toward ensuring their survival.

However, there are over a hundred breeds with the same story, and for every breed, a dozen stories of the individual farmers who have dedicated themselves to their preservation. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has been involved in the conservation and promotion of these breeds for over thirty years. They have provided information about the status of these breeds and a real look at how much genetic erosion has occurred, as well as information for people interested in helping to conserve them.

The website is and I would encourage you to contact them. As a member of the organization, and the Chair of the Board of Directors, I would also be happy to provide information or answer questions. I can be reached at 316 259 4262 or

My husband and I are both fans of Ag Day and watch every morning. Thank you for your excellent programming and giving the farmers a voice.

The phone number for ALBC is 919-542-5704.

Callene Rapp

Callene and Eric Rapp

General Mills International and Cheerios Claims

May 20, 2009
My Vegan acquaintance has warned me about the FDA's interest in turning herbs into prescribed medication due to health claims - so this is scary! The FDA needs to reconsider their stance on this, or we farmer's marketers may someday have to be licensed as physicians to educate the public on the environmental, and health benefits, of consuming sustainable, organic and non-GMO plants and produce. Will peddling our tomatoes or asparagus require particular verbiage on our labeling or in our conversations with customers? Will we be told we cannot promote the health benefits or what we produce and believe so strongly in, or be required to pay for scientific studies to prove the precise level of increased health benefit of each fruit or vegetable?

There's got to be limits set on the FDA's power. Why not concentrate on things that truly harm the public's health, rather than things that help, or do they have their hand in the back pocket of the pharmaceutical companies? We can feed our children fruity, candied cereals at will, as long as we don't tell them how much it harms their pancreas, and that's ok, right? What we don't know won't hurt us?

Thanks guys! Love waking up to you with coffee and AgDay in bed each morning :) Your like my farmer 'public radio'.

Wm. Patrick & Camilla Ward
Chatfield MN
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