Sep 20, 2014
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September 2009 Archive for AgDay Inbox

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on AgDay. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

Lots of Good Viewer Suggestions...

Sep 25, 2009
Dear Sirs:
  You have a very informative show, which I appreciate.
  Farmers make their money from the land and city folks like me make a living building ag implements.
 In 1980 when we instituted the Russian grain embargo, my livelihood along with a lot of other folks went up in smoke.
 In the years since, it doesn't seem like we've learned much. Even to the casual observer, a trade war with China is unavoidable. The results for farmers and ag related industries will be disastrous.
  Our government hasn't run a trade surplus in 40 years and it just gets worse. Warren Buffet said these trade deficits over time will hurt us bad.....and he's right. We cannot continue with large trade deficits particularly in regard to China. They already have too much leverage from their $ denominated holdings and are getting nervous. There's no end in sight except for some sort of severe economic mishap.Trade imbalances that we should have controlled years ago are now out of control.
  Consider the amount of ag goods China purchases and it will look like the Russian grain embargo all over again. The basic problem is that US citizens think nothing of the government books and totally focus on their own wallet.....and that threatens the whole system. It's personal greed and we've got it bad. 
Robert Blain 
Cedar Falls, IA

Dear AgDay,
   I really wish yall would focus a little more on cotton than what yall do.  I know cotton is not the most planted crop in the United States but it is a big factor in the agriculture equation.  I do appreciate that yall report some about cotton but would like to see more.  Yall do a great job on AgDay Keep it up and tell Al I said hi.
David Pearson
Levelland, Texas

Dear AgDay,
   Air information on tree farmers selling carbon credits to high carbon dioxide producers like coal burning power plants.  Also, we need info on wildlife food plot cooperation between landowners and power transmission companies using pipelines and high tension wire rights of ways.
Bruce Boland, Private Landowner

   Enjoy your weather each morning on RFD.  I am a retired farmer in central Indiana.  Could you give SWAYZEE, IN weather some time?  It's the only Swayzee in the is 46986.
Robert Needler

   My wife and I are not farmers but do enjoy your program. We live in rural Odon, Indiana.  A problem in our state is many farmers and town citizens burn their household trash and other waste.  Little is done in Indiana to educate or enforce against this practice.  Could your program do more to educate why burning is wrong?  Please help.
Thank you,
Larry Porter


More on Wind Turbines

Sep 21, 2009

   How about some info on farm wind turbines? The kind that service only the one farmstead.  And the tax credits/grants that are available.  Especially the turbine being built in Grand Island, Nebraska, the TriGen, or something like that. It is built to resemble an old fashioned windmill!  Also, your show is growing in Oklahoma, how about more info about our part of the farm community?

Lindy Baker
Enid, OK

Feedback Requested for NASS...

Sep 17, 2009
Would you put this on your web page? It is a link to the USDA where they are looking for producer input into how to better run NASS. There has been a lot of doubt cast on the USDA's reports this year and this is a chance for producers to voice their concerns with the USDA reporting services.
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