Sep 19, 2014
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February 2010 Archive for AgDay Inbox

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on AgDay. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

A Humane Ad?

Feb 18, 2010
   As a regular viewer of AG Day  (on Channel 38 out of Kansas City) I’ve noticed that in the middle of the program, there is a message for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a video that shows these forlorn looking dogs, the famous Holstein cow being flipped over by fork lift and the sad “ONE Ear “ cat that’s begging for adoption. ..and then the HSUS pitch for everyone to send just $19.95 a month to    HSUS  to save these poor abused animals …and claiming they save thousands of these abused animals every year.
   If this station is broadcasting the HSUS promotion as a “public service” announcement without charge, it should be stopped immediately.  If HSUS is actually paying cash for the commercial, there is less than can be done except to request that the station not place this ad in your program.  Or  perhaps a better idea…  have NCBA, NPPC and the poultry folks create a very aggressive “pro livestock” (anti HSUS) message and request that the station schedule it piggy back following the HSUS propaganda spot.
  Of course, most of us in Agriculture know and understand that the mission of HSUS has little if anything to do with saving one ear cats and that their real mission is to make every attempt to restrict Livestock production and promote their vegetarian message.  GOOD luck in the correct information wars.
Gene Millard

NAIS...Good Riddance

Feb 09, 2010
Hooray, Kill it, its too expensive, intrusive and unnecessary for most of the livestock industry. Now get rid of the biggest joke at the USDA: the Scrapie program.

The problem with giving it to the states is that Wisconsin has been the most intrusive of the states and has a history of making anything the feds have more controlling and restrictive. They are killing us. Under the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Comsumer Protection (DATCP) we have lost our lead in dairy and farms are leaving everyday and a large part of it is the regulations that prevent almost everything while they pick our pockets. If NAIS is dead, kill the premise ID, stop the prosecution of the farmers who have resisted it.

Stan Ford

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