Sep 23, 2014
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March 2010 Archive for AgDay Inbox

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on AgDay. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

Changing Channels in Des Moines

Mar 22, 2010
***Editor's Note:  The following viewer emails were received after AgDay went off the air on WOI-TV in Des Moines, IA earlier this month.  Beginning March 29, AgDay will air at 5:30 a.m. on KDSM-TV, Channel 17 in Des Moines...

    To Ag Day representatives, WOI-TV representatives, and members of the agricultural community in central Iowa:
    I recently discovered that the central Iowa ABC affiliate, WOI-TV 5 in Des Moines, IA, has not only removed the farm program “Ag Day” from its usual 5 a.m. slot, but dropped it from its programming altogether. My grandfather is a long-time, regular viewer, and was disappointed to find it no longer there. Perhaps more than anything he was disappointed that ABC5 gave no warning that the program would be discontinued. I write this on his behalf.
    My grandfather joined the Navy at 17 years-old to serve in World War 2. After several years in the Navy, he returned to Iowa to farm. Since 1950 he’s been a proud Iowa farmer. He has led a long and successful life on the farm in central Iowa. However, like many farmers of his generation, retirement is a difficult pill to swallow. He still wakes up early every morning, and although he’s no longer able to participate in the operation of the farm, he is still very much interested in the operation, and enjoys reading and watching farm news. For him, “Ag Day” filled a void in agricultural programming not offered by any other program on any other station. Like many of his demographic, he does not have cable television (a dish would be required in our rural area), and does not own or know how to operate a computer. For decades, over-the-air broadcasts have provided him with news and entertainment.
    WOI-TV 5 replaced “Ag Day” with early morning news programming. Over-the-air broadcasts in the early morning are already saturated with news programming; the local CBS and NBC affiliates have news programming on at 5 a.m., and ABC has news programming following at 5:30. In addition to the removal of the program, there seems to have been no warning that it would no longer be carried. My grandfather watches the show regularly and saw no indication that it would no longer be on at its usual time. The website for the program still, in its list of stations carrying it (, lists it at the 5 a.m. time on WOI. On the WOI-TV website (, a search for “Ag Day” in the search bar returns 0 results. I can find nothing on the website to indicate that a quality program like “Ag Day” would have ever existed on WOI-TV/ABC 5. There are, however, links to news about programs of such frivolity as “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Bachelorette.” It’s a shame that a station already filled with news programming and irrelevant reality and primetime programs would drop a show so informative and relevant to the many people involved in agriculture in central Iowa.
    WOI-TV 5 did its viewers a disservice by removing “Ag Day” from their lineup. The viewership may have been small, but it was a viewership with a history of not only watching the program, but a history of involvement with agriculture. For many, like my grandfather, it filled a niche in television programming that is unavailable to him elsewhere. The morning hours are already filled with repetitive news programs; to replace an informative agricultural program with a program that is substantively no different than the ones that can be found not only on other channels, but in other time slots as well, is disappointing. Perhaps it was cost prohibitive to continue to carry the program. If that’s the case, the viewers deserved some warning, or notice that they could find “Ag Day” on another channel.
    I would like to encourage anyone in receipt of this email who has an interest in promoting agriculture in central Iowa to support the return of “Ag Day” to over-the-air broadcast on WOI-TV, or to express your disappointment in its elimination to those responsible. Central Iowa could use more ag related television programs, not more coverage of national news. The removal of the program, without warning or explanation, should concern all of those with an interest in agricultural education, news, and the development of agriculture in Iowa.
Joshua Bryan
Jamaica, IA

   I just spent the last week visiting my mom and my favorite farmer father in Central Iowa.  One of our time-honored traditions is to wake up early (and it is VERY early when you are from Washington state) and watch the 5 am WOI farm show called "Ag Day." On Monday morning, March 15, we curled up in a couple of comfy chairs in the dark with our hot drinks and turned on the television.  Much to our chagrin, on the WOI channel, the ABC news was on which normally follows the farm show.  When we called the station, they let us know that Ag Day was discontinued and replaced by another hours of news.  Wow.  No warning, no announcement and it was just on last Friday. That's all we need - to hear the same news about the floods eight times instead of four. With so much bad television out there, we were hoping some good and informational television might still be able to hang in there.  Sure it might not bring in the dollars, but Ag Day was something some long time farmers really enjoyed for many many years. My dad has been involved in farming since 1950 and I am very proud that he still loves to keep up with the times…or rather did love to by watching Ag Day.  Sorry, WOI and ABC, you’ve just lost a very good customer as well as a former fan from Washington.
Barb Brock
Cheney, WA

Save my FFA Chapter!!!

Mar 18, 2010
   Please help save Century High School FFA and its agriculture teacher. We live in a farming community in Ullin, Illinois and our school board is eliminating the FFA program and its agriculture teacher of 13 years. There are many students counting on the benifits of FFA, such as the scholarships that some students receive in order to be able to attend college. Please help us change the minds of our school board. Help us save FFA in our farming community as well as our best teacher that Century has to offer. PLEASE HELP!!  We are in desperate need to save this club and our teacher!
Desperate for help,
Jessica Crisman and Friends!!

Conflicting Crop Watch

Mar 12, 2010
I couldn't help but catch your weather forecast this morning (3-11-2010) and you mentioned Southwest Nebraska... WOW, I couldn't believe my eyes - I was so excited and then lo and behold Mike says that a grower says things are drying out pretty good.  I would like to know who you talked to, cause I live in Paxton, Neb., and manage ground 80 miles south of's not at all dry anywhere.

Editor's Note:  Mike was referring to the following report sent in to Crop Comments on AgWeb:
3/8 - Southwest Nebraska:  No photos here, drying out pretty good, low spots still a swamp and they say rain is coming. Warm days finally with rain, and rain-snow mix.

Elevator Surprise

Mar 10, 2010
   Back in China now and learned during my month in the States that the farmers, some of them my clients, are busily stacking their loads of hi VOM corn to get it out of the bin before warmer weather hits. We've got a problem boys that I hope you are telling people about. The elevators are in for a surprise when they try using this inventory. Sell it overseas? They're probably trying to already but you know a lot of people don't want our GMO stuff anymore.
   The studies keep coming out from US and EU about everything from POEA to the glyphosate itself in soil. All BAD and getting uglier.  Are you going to cover this story or not?  God be Merciful if you don't.
Jim Martindale
dba Hunchun God's Soil Tillage Manufacturing Company Ltd.
Hunchun City, Jilin, PR China

Viewer Comments

Mar 05, 2010
   A 49 year old farmer from Waseca Minnesota Died Thursday March 4th when bridged corn in a bin collapsed killing him. I know you folks have mentioned this hazard several times on your show recently. But please remind people again so this tragedy is not repeated again this spring.  More information can be found here. 
Tim Mack
Farmer / Nationally Registered Paramedic
Bridgeview Farms
Zumbrota Minnesota

***Editor's Note:  U.S. Farm Report Host John Phipps has talked about this issue extensively - this link from his blog offers at least one option for preventing such accidents...

Dear AgDay Team, 
   In today's (March 4) report about the problem of Japan's import restrictions on U.S. beef and Senator Johanns' linking that to the Toyota safety issue, the Senator apparently is not thinking clearly.  He should read this report.  Senator Johanns apparently and incredibly is not aware of the fact that Toyota and many other supposedly-Japanese vehicles are actually built in the U.S., with many and in some instances, most components sourced from U.S. makers. The car makers' manufacturing plants and those of the sourced components makers often are situated in semi-rural areas and provide employment to many rural Americans, including agricultural producers and their families who depend upon these jobs in oder to continue farming and ranching. Ironically, the senator also fails to realize that several if not all of the components which have led to the Toyota recalls actually are from U.S. factories.  For Johanns and the Trade Secretary to pursue punitive action against Japanese companies by imposing higher tariffs, etc., actually very probably would result in numerous parts of rural America being severely impacted, and essentially would amount the U.S. shooting itself in its own foot.
Hopefully, more informed and more logical heads will prevail.
Jim Hansen
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