Oct 1, 2014
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May 2010 Archive for AgDay Inbox

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Questions & Comments

May 10, 2010
   Vilsack is right.  For too long they have concentrated on the big guys while the rest of rural America has been dying. You need more than one business to keep a viable economy. This is one thing we are really learning in areas that depend on tourism. Small farmers are drying up as the state concentrates on the big farmers south of us. As the fields regrow to trees, the tourists realize that the area doesn't have much else to offer except trees, fish and alcohol and they leave. I see the same in Iowa, and the kids leave. Who wants to live in a trailer and work for the big hog farmer for $7.00 and hour with no chance of it getting better or ever having your own place? I guess that's why they think we need immigration reform so badly.
  Take a look at the census figures in a couple months and see what has happened. For the first time there are more people in the cities than the country. It effects money, politics, wiether there is even a town to go to anymore on friday night and how far your kids ride the bus to school.
Stan Ford
   My name is David Butler I'm a farmer in the great state of Arizona, and I feel that Tom Vilsack has forgotten what The Department of AG is for.   While I see the need for food stamps and helping rural America I don't see why so many of these issues are being lumped in to our farm bill.  The USDA should be working on supporting ag and helping, in keeping us competitive in this world market, instead of working on how to allocate food stamps.  I think Tom, like many politicians, have spent to much time in Washington and have forgotten why they are there in the first place.

   When I started farming 30 yrs ago I had to fight tooth and nail to get a foothold.  100% of my net farm income came from price supports.  Today I don’t even care when the signup deadline is. Seems like the NRCS is only for record keeping and Soil Conservation is a wildlife protection organization.  I care like hell when my federal crop signup deadline is (the revenue products are lifesavers).  I would have been out of business long ago without it and those neighbors who failed, fell because they didn’t understand federal crop insurance.  Oh, and now with the new Government health insurance millions (including my wife) won’t have to work off the farm to pay for health care.
The Shores of Devils Lake ND 

   The Ag Bill will contain exactly what the corporations in power want to contain. And that is not the farmer, it is the large international Ag related conglomerates with Capital Hill lobbyists and big campaign donations. Farmers thinking they can control their industry is a joke.

   I have been hearing on your show that lawmakers working with 2012 farm bill have talked about getting rid of the SURE disaster program and trying to push the ACRE program.  
   I am here to tell you that the ACRE program is not that great of a program for all farmers because its too broad based of an area.  Take North Dakota for example where I farm we have some of the best land in the whole world in the eastern part and possilby some of the least productive land out in the west.  Now it's a great system for those in the western part of the state because it is so much easier for them to get the first trigger which is getting below the states average yield for that year.  Now if the ACRE program was more regionally based and not covering each state as a whole it would be a lot better program.
    In most of the reports I believe that less than 1/3 of all farmers in America signed up for this program, so why push a program that doesn't work?  Where SURE disaster goes by the county in each state and is more relative to each farmers area and whether types and yields. Which I think every farmer would agree with and I'd be willing to bet that more than 1/3 of the farmers in this country signed up for.
Thank you,
Dustin McGregor

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