Sep 17, 2014
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January 2011 Archive for AgDay Inbox

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on AgDay. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

Don't forget about the small farmers

Jan 21, 2011


You would think there is only one kind of farm in the US...a giant row-crop operation based in the cornbelt and what ever is good for them is good for every one else. This country has lots of cattle ranches, chickens, rice, hogs, hay and veg's. operations and I am sure there are many others. I think you need to broaden your show. High corn prices are not everyone's dream in fact it may be death of many customers. Your showing that family from Canada that was buying US crop to rent it out as a farmer was a joke, they are no more farmers than Walmart. 
Dan in Arkansas

Not Giving Up...

Jan 13, 2011


I have a small family farm in Gervais, Oregon (Willamette Valley).  We struggle every day to keep the farm which was begun in 1850 by my great grandfather.  Farm Journal magazine, farm journal cook books and more recently the ag reports on rfd tv have been part of our lives. 
What I am writing about is that you are not producing a program that reaches the pacific northwest small farmers.  We are home to many many farmers on smaller tracts (ours is 140 acres) that could use attention.  We don't qualify for or, cant really use, much of what is available through the farm aid programs.  It feel as if we don't count.  Yet it is this small farmer that keeps the light burning. 
Please consider addressing shows that speak to the small land owner.  I don't consider us a hobby farm.   We have farmed everything from nuts and berries to dairy.  We run on strings because we can't afford to pay workers.  Yes giving up is not an option until the government rings the auction bell.
So...just a thought
Victoria Brown-Hodges
Brown Farm
Gervais, Oregon


AgDay Online

Jan 10, 2011

   Thanks so much for putting AgDay on the web early each day. I used to work from home and could either watch the show on KNLC 24 St Louis at 6AM or RFD TV at 7 on Direct TV. Recently I was laid off from my job and now travel 1 hour each day for my new job, (yes, I’m grateful to have a job) and just don’t have time to watch.

   I have 250 acres of farmland that is sharecropped and work in the city but I buy my own seed and chemicals and market my share of the crop. The information I get from AgDay, particularly on the markets, is invaluable to me. Now I usually watch 15 minutes in the morning with my coffee and sneak a peak for the last 15 minutes at work around lunch. Each day I feel a little better having the information on the show available to me. Thank you.

Galen Benson
St Louis, Missouri
Farm in Whitington, Illinois
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