Oct 2, 2014
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Aug 03, 2009
Hello. I want to let you know that I really enjoy your program! I don't watch it every day, but when sleep escapes me, I do love to watch the Ag show. I was raised on a farm, but have been a town dweller all my married life. Besides living in a farming community, my farm "roots" is the reason I enjoy your show. I am a bird watcher, so today I enjoyed the piece on the Fishing Hawk; very interesting! Thank you for all the work that must go into each program! The good looking host does a great job too! God bless you all.   Sarah

Hi:  We enjoy the farming show very much,can you give us info on what's going around Dothan Al, Houston County?  Or 50 miles from Dothan, keep up the good work, I've been a farmer all my life, I'm a retiree but I still have a garden in back yard, it really saves on food bill & I enjoy it.  I keep our freezer full, we also have all kind of fruit trees, good luck.  Thanks very much.  Kathleen 

As a AGDAY viewer for many years I have a suggestion to help every one enjoy the market scanner much better.
I am sure a great number of your listeners are getting up in the years just like myself.  First thing is to either get rid of the $ sign on the scanner or separate it from the dollar sign  like the U.S. Farm Report scanner is shown.
I am sure that any one who watches the markets know that the figures are dollars and cents so the $ sign is just in the way.  Making the numbers larger would be the best way to correct this for the older people watching who are in their recliner early in the morning trying not to have to jump up and get closer to the TV to be able to read the figures.  
Thanks for anything you can do to solve the situation for all of the older generation the still enjoys the program.
Keep up the good work,
Dick Hussey
Lima, Ohio
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