Sep 19, 2014
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Raw Milk Debate

Apr 21, 2009
What I find interesting about the raw milk debate is the failure to remember that for decades farm families have been drinking raw milk with no apparent ill effects. Why is it that there were not illnesses of whole farm families? Why were we able to drink straight from the cow, often with only a piece of cheese cloth to filter the milk? Could it be that farm families were tougher and more healthy then the non-farm families of today? Has our cultural mania for hygiene actually made us more vulnerable to illness and thus sometimes unable to handle one of natures’ purest foods?

Brent Richlen
Peshtigo, WI
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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

Isn't raw milk the most organic form of milk? And isn't this organic trend in the production marketplace surpassing any other kind of foods? I say, the more natural, the better. The human body can get used to it.
9:07 PM Jun 19th
I dont think it matters what other people think, if I want to drink raw milk it should be my business. this is the land of the free,if I want to take the risk that is my business,
5:34 PM Apr 29th
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