Aug 20, 2014
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Sugarcane Fuel

Nov 21, 2008
The announcement of the switch to sugar based ethanol needs more information. Is it cost? Did the GMA do it? What?
Tom Colvin

What a slap in the face for the Wisconsin Corn Growers. We work so hard to grow, market their own corn crops and invest into the Ethanol industry. Not happy about this decision -
Baier Creek Farms - Eau Galle, WI

Sugar cane Ethanol as fuel is still using food as fuel. Corn based Ethanol mandates have helped push up the price of food because corn is used in so many food products utilized for both human and animal consumption. With so many people here at home, and in third world countries, struggling with rising food prices, is it really ethical to use any food crop as fuel? The only ones who win with the development of food based Ethanols appears to be the farmers who are subsidized by the government for growing specific crops and those who convert said crops into Ethanol. By using food as fuel, we are, in effect, creating artificial inflation in food prices. Just because we can doesn't necessarily mean we should. We should, however, continue to work towards developing a non food crop based ethanol.
Ashley Fellows Kentucky
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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

Oh no,,,not another one of these blogs that is going to create a wedge within the Ag community and beyond to the consumer. Jus remember corn has fallen from $8 to $3 since June of 08,,,my grocery bill hasn't dropped yet!!
3:26 PM Nov 21st
Who wins? Farmers? Yes, but also everyone who works for any ag-related industry (co-ops, chemical, fertilizer, union laborforce in equipment companies, etc). It MAY also help lower prices at the pump and stop sending money to terrorist countries. I don't care if it is nuetral energy-wise, keep the money here in the US. And by the way, 90% of all the people in the "starving nations" are starving not b/c we can't produce enough food. In addition, most of those starving would just a soon kill us. Would they return the favor? US citizens give more privately AND thru our government than the rest of the world. Look at the numbers.
2:57 PM Nov 21st
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