Aug 23, 2014
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Jan 04, 2010

Comment #1
Your story on peanut allergies that just aired a few minutes ago on KSNW, Wichita, was interesting.

I'm 61 now. When I was about 10, I was tested for allergies because of a severe (off the scale used at the time) reaction to Southern Ragweed in particular and almost all other fall pollens in general.

While they were at it, they also tested me for foods, including peanuts, corn, tomato, eggs, milk, etc. Their experience at the time was that raw products were much more allergenic than cooked ones because cooking denatures most proteins (the prime allergens known then).

And indeed this was born out in me then and still to this day. I am highly allergic to raw peanut and tomato, but ate and still eat tons of parched peanuts and BBQ with nary a problem ever.

The only one it didn't hold for was onion: I could not and still can't eat any onion product (even powder) unless I want to visit an ER (assuming I make it there), and any trace of onion fumes affects me for 2-3 days -- just not so far as anaphylaxis, fortunately.

This raw versus cooked phenomenon was the most common type of food allergy back then. Interesting that it's flip-flopped for today's kids raised in near-sterile environments -- at least by 1950s' small Southern town housekeeping standards.

Phil Parker

I did notice though that none of the Producers or media reporters want to consider this possible future problem....

Comment #2
Over the past five years China has produced an average corn crop of 115,586 TMT. This makes China the second largest producer of corn in the world. China is also the second largest consumer of corn in the world, averaging a yearly consumption of 112,014 TMT. China on average has imported 944 TMT, and exported 4,560 TMT of corn. This makes China the world's fourth largest exporter of corn. China's ending stocks average for corn is 92,407 TMT, leaving China with the highest world ending stocks.

Thanks. Lance Peterson.Owner,

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