Sep 23, 2014
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Agriculture & the E.P.A.

Feb 22, 2011

#1:  I watch you all everyday, and lately there seems to be an assault on the EPA and other regulations.  You all present it as if farmers do not need any regulations, let the tax payers pickup the cost of all the excess fertilizers and chemicals, in the name of profit for the farmers.  What about the people, fish, animals and farmers down stream?  It appears that you all are promoting screwing the environment in the name of profits, and transferring cost of cleanup to the American people. I proposal that once a month you and all the farmers on a given water shed is shipped water at then end of the run (i.e.. farmers on the Miss. watershed) and yourself get a quart of water from Louisiana and drink it.  If this is achieved for one year all EPA regulations would be dropped and this proposal continues.  It is wrong, to put profit over the future of our environment, and pass on cost for clean up to the tax payers.


#2:  I watch Ag Day every morning and enjoy your daily news.   However, this morning you discussed the new EPA emission stardards for tractors and generally were positive.  What was missing was the cost these new demands add to the new tractor.  The Obama administration does this consistently - they never give the cost to the rancher or taxpayer.  For example, the taxpayer subsidies for ethanol, etc .   Please consider this suggestion in the future. 

Sincerely,  Old Bob "The Cheerful Malcontent"   

ZZO Ranch,  Colorado 



   I would bet if you pump the water from Louisiana back up to the upper tributaries of the Mississippi river the farmers, yourselves would be complaining about how polluted the water is and that the government needs to do something.  How about letting the coal industry let the silt go into the rivers, why not it cuts into profits?  How about letting human waste in the rivers, then people would save on putting in septic's, .....  This is the problem with AgDay you all promote screwing the American people for profit under the umbrella of the farmer would not mess up the environment because it is there livelihood.  When you talk about small farmers need to have a better business plan to compete with the large farmers, I would propose that if the large farmers cannot deal with doing the right thing for the farmers down stream then they need to sell and let someone with a successful plan that deals with this issue take over.  You all need to do a show starting north to the south and look at the destruction on the rivers caused by run off and what it would be like today if no requlations were put in place.  Elizabeth Montgomery
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To the lady that wants us to drink the water from the end of the river. I would submit that we DO drink the water as it leaves our property. What most people don't realize is that farmers apply the very minimum of fertilizer and chemicals because they are already regulated. Most people in town use many times the chemicals and fertilizer on their yards to make it pretty than farmers do to produce food.​
2:43 PM Feb 24th
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