Oct 2, 2014
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Hen Housing

Feb 24, 2012

Past experience in nearly every industry shows that once the federal government becomes involved in an industry, their role does not shrink. It grows like a malignant cancer that in best case scenarios strangles the industry and the business owners in that industry. In the worst case, it paralyzes the industry and eliminates the indivdual business owner. I farm and work in the insurance industry. My time spent with state and federal regulation grows each year. It has to stop.





Just when I think I have seen it all, I see something even more ridiculous coming out of Washington. This proposal on the cage situation with chickens is about the limit of senselessness. Mr Vilsack needs to step up and voice his opinion on how ridiculous some of these proposals are. We obviously need more people in D C that know what farming is all about, or we might as well close down all farming and import everything like Japan does.

What is next ? - maybe 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes for all cattle ? Or maybe we can propose that all fish must live in distilled water - no impurities allowed.

Kurt Bachman




If this country wants to see another entire industry "exported" or chased away from this country, then just keep thinking you can 'deal' with yet another loud, persistant and obnoxious activist group!

Adopt another "NRA v. gun grabber" attitude and never N-E-V-E-R grant the first crumb to these people….otherwise, soon--sooner than you think--the activists will have the whole 'cake' (or at least enough of it so as to make the remainder worthless to fight over).

I like my food grown HERE!

Dick House (former farmer)
Arthur, IL





Dear people of AgDay:

I'm 17 and live in central Illinois and been around the farm with my grandpa ever since I can remember. I don't have the years on most people but I firmly believe that this new proposed regulation for laying hens could lead to bigger problems in agriculture. When USHS starts to influence its ideas in an already self productive industry it will lead to a Pandora box. While we don't have laying hen operation , we are cattle and hogs ,I still believe this could lead to major tug-of-war between activist groups and the American farmer. American farmers are the most productive in the world and need freedom to operate. While I remain positive for my future.I also still worry where the industry is heading at times. Its easy for someone to sit down and say "this, this,and this needs to change" when in reality they don't know what they are talking about to begin with.


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