Sep 23, 2014
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Hen Housing Regulation

Feb 24, 2012

RE: Egg producers and Humane Society

Let me relate a little story from my youth. Around 1955 my father owned a small boat that was moored in a small cove on the Hudson River near Croton-on-Hudson. The river is an estuary and was not regulated by the State of New York (no license required) until you reached Troy where the river was no longer tidal.

In any case the Coast Guard put out an offer that if you wanted to you could register your boat with them and they gave you a number to attach to your bow area. It was voluntary and sounded great. This is what we tritely call “the camel’s nose under the tent”. Fast forward to this time and you will find it is mandatory to register your boat with the State of New York, it must have a title, you must pay license and inspection fee, have lights of a certain designation, a certain number of life preservers, fire extinguisher, emergency flares or other devises, horn of a certain decibel, etc ad infinitum. Ah but of course with all the fees for license and other fees it makes it all the more punitive. And of course the inspection Nazis will now stop you to see if you comply so they can fine you or sniff for alcohol.

In the 1950’s it was a pleasant experience to take a boat out on the Hudson where you were left alone and the accident and drowning numbers were no higher than today. Oh sure there were a few hot dogs who, no matter what the law, would still be idiots doing the same thing.

My point is this. All of these proposals sound wonderful and then the malevolent nose gets a tiny nose hold under the tent. It will incrementally put a stranglehold on whatever it seeks to regulate. It will not only take the fun out of any task but make it more expensive and instead of pleasurable, toil will be its fruit. Many just give up because there is no longer any pleasure nor reward of accomplishment.

In this case of the Humane Society poking its nose into chicken housing will result in a mortally wounded industry as the march to more control will inevitably follow as we create another Federal agency regally ruled by beltway rubes who wouldn’t know that potatoes don’t grow on bushes. The stooge who you showed that was working with the Humane Society will be sorry when he wakes up aware that he is working with a degenerate enemy who seeks to destroy him.

Farmers and ranchers must wake up and realize that 90% of the people in Washington have no knowledge of what it takes to produce food. They are your enemy because they are invincibly ignorant.

Then you also have a corn industry sycophant Orion Samulson telling us that ethanol has absolutely nothing to do with the price increase in feed for our livestock including poultry. This man must think that we farmers and consumers are complete morons to believe that. I think he is on ADM’s payroll as he is no friend of the farmer or consumer.

Tom Jacques
Hartville, MO

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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

Cindy - Hutchinson, MN
Will K, just stumbled onto your comment. Only one possible response springs to mind: EXACTLY!
9:16 AM Apr 18th
Will K - KS
Hey Tom, the ethanol industry may not be your friend but it sure is mine. I grow corn for a living. I used to have one customer, now I have two. Simple rule of business two customers are better than one. You livestock boys should consider that instead of telling your customers that they have to take your product however you want to give it to them. You don't have a god given right to cheap corn. Wake up while you still have time. The people doing the eating pay our bills, they have options.​
10:12 PM Feb 24th
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